Not seeing the results you expected with your digital marketing efforts? Then it may be time to make some tweaks to your strategy. Building and maintaining a strong online presence is crucial for digital success, so is having a well-rounded strategy that support your goals. In this blog, we share three easy, yet effective ways you can improve your social strategy to ensure you are maximising your results online.

1. Utilise Social Media Management Tools

Being present and consistent on social media is time-consuming and requires dedication, but there are plenty of tools and management platforms that can make your life a little easier. Save yourself some time and schedule your content in advance by using platforms like Sked, Buffer and Hootsuite. These are incredibly useful tools to help plan and schedule your posts from one dashboard and will make monitoring your networks easy and effortless.

2. Engage Your Audience

What is social media if the social element is not there? It is as important to be posting consistently as it is to engage with your audience to secure a strong online presence. Building a community-like atmosphere online is key and this can be achieved by encouraging engagement amongst your audience. Don’t forget to engage back, as this will be the driving element to establish a valuable relationship and to gain the trust of your audience! There are countless ways to engage your audience and they include:

  • Curating meaningful content to inspire, entertain or educate
  • Asking and answering questions to spark conversations
  • Sharing relevant and timely content that will be of value to your audience
  • Showing appreciation for your audience by acknowledging their interactions
  • Sharing user-generated content

3. Prioritise Visual Efforts

It can often be difficult to have your content be noticed amongst the many users of social media, so standing out from the crowd is essential. Investing your efforts into quality, eye-catching visuals will not only help your content stand out but will have an extraordinary impact in improving your reach. The key is to focus on sharing visuals that allow your audience to connect with. Appropriate snapshots and unique stock imagery in combination with custom graphics and short creative videos are all great ways to have some variation on your page.

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