Considering going LIVE on Facebook? It’s time to show your expertise in real-time and take your clients, followers, and fans behind the scenes in the day in a life of you and your business. Why? You will be surprised at the reach you will receive through this feature. Not only will it boost your brand awareness but it will boost your visibility on Facebook as a whole.

Here are a few tips for going live on Facebook Live:

1. Develop your content 

Wondering what on earth you would talk about on a Facebook Live broadcast? We get it. They say with blogs you should “write what you know,” this is true of Facebook Live too. Talk about what you know and what you think will be of value to your audience. Real estate agents might consider a local real estate market wrap for the month, an expert interview or a Q&A style broadcast that addresses the key questions you get asked about on a daily or weekly basis by your customers. Interiors professionals could do a live styling demonstration or give their top 5 tips on creating a look in a space.

2. Promote your live broadcast 

Before you go live, let people know! You can’t sell a secret so get out there and advertise your live broadcast. You want your audience to tune in, just as they would for their favourite TV program. So promote your broadcast on your social channels, when you’ll be live and what you will talk about. Considering amplifying your posts with a paid boost to get your fans to the right place at the right time. Don’t forget to use other marketing platforms for promoting your live broadcasts such as an email blast, a promotion on your website, an Instagram post or mention it in a blog post.

3. Test and prepare 

Before you go live ensure your audience is able to hear and see you. This will sustain engagement and also help you to come across professional and prepared. Make sure there is no ambient noise in the background, mobile phones are turned off or set to do not disturb. A good internet connection for Facebook Live is also important, so make sure to check the connectivity beforehand and connect to WIFI where possible.

We suggest your broadcast be 10 – 30 minutes to allow your audience to join the broadcast but without it being too longHave a structure for your content so you don’t ramble or run out of things to say.

It may be handy to do a practice run. So head over to your Facebook App, in your timeline click the “Live” button. When prompted change the privacy settings to “Only Me”. This will mean that only you and not your Facebook friends and the public can see the Facebook Live broadcast. Use a personal profile and not your Facebook Page as you can’t change the privacy settings of a live broadcast on a Facebook Page.

 4. Engage with your audience 

Make sure you are comfortable. Your audience will feel relaxed if you come across relaxed and friendly, which will encourage interaction. Greet them, thank them for joining you. Introduce your business and what you are going to talk about in the session.

Before you start you live video, decide when and how you will address your audience. The comment and reaction features allow for good interaction and you can feed off this. Think of Facebook Live as a conversation or workshop rather than a piece to camera or presentation, just imagine you are in a room with a bunch of your customers, how would you interact with them? Encourage your audience to ask questions and once you do take on a question, it is best to address the person by their name so there is clear communication. These questions will appear on your phone screen below your Facebook Live broadcast preview.

5. Measure results and analytics 

Facebook Insights allows you to view analytics and results for your live broadcast. Don’t be disheartened if you didn’t have many live viewers, you will likely get most of your views after the broadcast. This is because the Facebook algorithm gives preference to Live content. The analytics will give you a good idea of what your audience enjoyed most from the broadcast, how to structure your next broadcast and will allow you to experiment with new content, different days of the week, the length of the broadcast and how to address your audience.

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