Keeping up with your competitors and their Facebook marketing is a way of getting great insight into what content is and isn’t working. Here are our tips on how to keep an eye on your competitors.

1. Pages to watch  

‘Pages to watch’ is a feature you will find very useful in your Facebook insights. This tool shows you several metrics relating to your competitors’ Facebook activity such as the number of likes the pages has and the increase/decrease from the previous week, as well as the number of posts and engagement (reactions, comments and shares) in the past week. You can save up to 100 competitors for this, but be careful not to overwhelm yourself with too much information. Stick with 5-10 competitors and add to it if you feel necessary.

You don’t have to only watch out for your pages with a similar audience. You can, for example, watch pages of businesses in the area to keep track of their marketing efforts if you know they have good Facebook engagement, as this will give you a good idea of what’s out there and how they are presenting their content.

Once you have selected your top pages to watch and you want to track their activity, you can navigate to ‘overview’ tab in Facebook Insights, scroll down to ‘Pages to watch’ and if you click on each one of your selected pages you will be able to see their weekly top posts. Otherwise, if you would like to see the overall top 5 posts of all your pages you are keeping an eye on, go to ‘posts’ and select the tab ‘top posts from pages you watch’.

2. Pages liked by your audience 

To really understand your audience and check out what other pages they like on Facebook to gain insight into what type of content they are going to connect with, you can navigate to your personal account and type in the search bar: “pages liked by people who like [enter competitors page name]”. This it an interesting exercise to see where your audience’s interests lie, outside of the industry you work in.

Add a few of these pages to your ‘pages to watch’ list to see their top updates and content. Make sure to add a few big companies to your list as these usually have digital tricks and tips hidden within their content.

3. Create an RSS feed 

Having all your competitors in one place, with all of their updates in one place will allow you to keep and eye on all the activity without liking the page. This is particularly helpful to see what time your competition is posting content and how often they do so. This will save you time searching each page and will allow you to get into a routine of checking them all regularly.

 4. Questions to ask  

Keeping an eye on your competitors is one thing but what do you do then? Do you know what you are looking for when analysing their content? What are you taking away from the information you are seeing?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when watching your competition:

  • How many posts are they putting up a week?
  • What times are they posting these?
  • Do people interact with content posted at particular times?
  • Which other brands are they interacting with through their content?
  • What sort of questions are they asking their audience?
  • Do they have a specific call to action? What are these and are people responding well to it?
  • What are our competitors doing that is specific to the Facebook platform?
  • What types of posts are getting more engagement? Is it video, links, heavy text or images?
  • What are they doing that isn’t working well?
  • How are they being creative in producing their content and how is their brand message coming across?

Use these questions to gain insights into your own Facebook content.

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