Bringing back personality with digital marketing

  • Showcase company’s unique personality
  • Built a solid following of target customers
  • Increased traffic and enquiries to the website
  • Positioned them as experts in their field

Vault Interiors Property Styling is a leading property styling company in Sydney working with vendors and real estate agents to create higher value homes. Vault Interiors came to us over 4 years ago looking to create a holistic digital marketing strategy including a strong social media presence, visibility on the search engines and regular and consistent content for their website.

A key focus for Vault Interiors was to showcase and share their styling expertise, by creating regular, high quality blog content and video content we were able to achieve this for Vault allowing them to position themselves as the experts in their field by teaching vendors and agents how they can increase the value of the properties they sell.

Another focus was to bring forward the vibrant personality that was present in the brand behind the scenes, but was not being communicated through Vault’s marketing. We created this by injecting humorous copy and content that is designed to entertain the audience. Looking stylish and beautiful is always front and centre, but the plan was to make this brand stand out from their competitors, in the market where they all look the same, using their unique personality – which is not possible for competitors to replicate!

Vault has built a very solid social media presence, an audience of potential sellers and real estate agents in Sydney which is their core target market – not just design lovers. This has allowed them to propel their business significantly and opened up opportunities for more exposure to the brand such as press and other business ventures.