As professionals in the real estate industry, we have no doubt that you are going above and beyond for your clients to reach their desired goals. But what does that mean for you?

Marketing your achievements on social media requires a great balance and an approach of genuine authenticity. Positioning yourself as a professional, or expert in your market area can add credibility to the achievements you’re sharing online. Here are some of our top tips to help you maximise your social media platform without coming across the wrong way.


  1. Plan your achievement post structure

Implementing this as a content pillar in your social media strategy will encourage balance. It’s important to approach marketing your achievements from the perspective of your target audience – how much is too much? While we absolutely think you should promote your achievements, finding the perfect balance is key.


  1. Use high resolution imagery or custom graphics

Catch your target audiences’ eye with engaging visuals. After all, social media is a visual platform! Although it’s important to create exciting copy to go with your social content, it’s a known fact that imagery is what grabs a user’s attention. Use high resolution imagery from your award achievement or sold property, or pair the resources you have with a custom graphic to make your post really pop.


  1. Be humble in your approach

This one goes without saying! Being humble, genuine, and approachable when it comes to marketing your achievements will go a long way with your audience. Creating a custom graphic with a badge overlay of an award win, a sold sticker, or any other image to catch the eye of your audience will add to this. Making it fun and keeping things fresh and light makes all the difference in your tone of copy is received.


  1. Don’t be afraid to continue the promotion

You have put in the hard yards, so make it count! Don’t hesitate to continue promoting your achievements across multiple social channels, on multiple dates. If you want to go the extra mile, we recommend putting extra spend behind your social posts to achieve maximum reach and engagement for your content. Targeted ads will be your best friend here, make sure you know your audience well and direct your attention to where it most intended.

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