The digital space is always evolving. As professionals in the digital marketing industry, it is imperative that we stay on top of the game and keep in the know about the latest and greatest so that we can achieve the best results for our clients.

We’ve been diving into the data and have developed a list of industry trend predictions that will take your social channels to the next level in 2022.


  1. A rise in digital assistants

Digital assistants, voice assistants, or chat bots like Google Assistant or Alexa are fast becoming a ‘go-to’ item for every household. But how, and why would this have an impact on the digital marketing space?

Depending on your target audience, you may be able to use this new trend to your advantage and target the people you want to be getting in front of. Advertisements, or using voice activated content on your platform will keep you up to trend when it comes to audience members who preference digital assistants. Don’t cut yourself off from reaching this target market, invest the time and energy into making it work for everyone.


  1. Virtual/ hybrid events

On the back of Covid-19, the world has begun to adapt to these new restrictions and circumstances we have been finding ourselves in. Virtual events have become the new normal, and we don’t see these slowly down moving into 2022. Adapt your digital marketing approach to make your content accessible online for all. Invest in IGTV, or Facebook Live content marketing, you won’t regret it!


  1. Content marketing


Aligning your PR, SEO, and social strategies has always been on the cards. But it is more important than ever moving into 2022! Quality content leads to quality results, by maximising your scope of marketing you can achieve the best ROI for your business. As we move deeper into the social media atmosphere, it’s easy to get lost among the abundance of quality content out there. Aligning all the tools you need for complete digital domination will help you stand out amongst the crowd.


  1. Mobile-first marketing

Today’s generation spend a significant amount of time online, there is no doubt about it. In a recent study by Pew Research, ‘constant’ interest usage amount young adults have increased by approximately five percent in the last 3-4 years. People are using smart phones, tablets, and iPads more now than ever, which means you need to adapt your business model to create mobile and user-friendly content. Don’t forget to employ AMP (accelerated mobile pages) to make your content load quicker on smaller, portable devices.


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