You can put a lot of time and effort into a blog, article or email which will never be read if it doesn’t have the headline that is equally as good as the content. Here are a few tips on creating a headline to bring in traffic to your website.

1. Creating a list, using a specific number  

These lists can be anything from 2 points to 50 or more. A longer list could generate a lot of traffic, but the information given must all be valuable and relevant, otherwise, your audience could leave your website immediately after feeling misled by an irrelevant headline.

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2. “How to”

Everyone is trying to work out how to do something. Tell your audience how, and they will not only read your blog post but tell their friends about your article and share it on social platforms.

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3. Give your audience what they want  

Provide a promise that will tell your audience how to do something, and this will make them feel compelled to read the article.

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4. Creating the best or worst 

This is where you either go positive or negative. Negative often works best as it’s used as a scare tactic.

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5. Providing facts, figures and statistics 

You want to get your audience to read your blog and be able to provide those facts, figures and statistics to colleagues and clients in meetings and general conversation.

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6. Establishing predictions and trends 

Predicting the future or trends will peak people’s curiosity making your blog post irresistible to click on.

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7. Generate fear 

People and businesses want to stay on top of the trends and ahead of their competitors. By using fear of losing what they have, they are more likely to engage in the content.

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8. Offering problems and solutions 

One of the main reason people read blogs is to find answers to specific problems they have. This is usually a niche audience.

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9. Make it easy

People love to know how to do things the easiest way possible. Saving time and effort grabs an audience’s attention.

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10. Present them with what’s new 

Being the first to know facts, tips and information is a great way to make sure your audience reads your content. They want to be the first to hear the news.

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