For most of us, speaking in front of the camera is a daunting task. We’ve all experienced the shaking hands and sweaty palms, and moments when it feels as if you’re stumbling over every word, but video is where’s it at in the digital world and being able to present in front of the camera will put you ahead of the rest.

We spoke to the experts in real estate videography at Skyline Creative to get the scoop on what works in front of the camera.

Why video is so important

In today’s digital landscape, delivering a powerful piece to camera is essential to creating competitive video content and connecting with your audience. Our social media feeds are saturated with more video output than ever before.

“Digital and social media platforms are transforming the way we interact with our audience,” explains Director of Skyline Creative Clayton Idato, “with Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat creating a significant shift to video-focused algorithms”.

Learning how to present to the camera is key to producing a cutting-edge, engaging video that increases your online exposure. We asked Clayton to reveal his top tips when stepping in front of the lens, the best ways to capture your target market and how to avoid the most common pitfalls of speaking to the camera.

Go in with a plan 

Preparation is a must when presenting to camera. It’s important to have a clear plan of what message you want to communicate and which idea you’d like to emphasise.

Show confidence in your brand by memorising key points to cover in your video. Clayton recommends ditching scripts, explaining, “if a piece to camera seems over-rehearsed or staged your audience immediately disconnects”.

Presenting to the camera is all about appearing relaxed and natural to best engage with your target market. “Our industry [real estate] is all about what we can do to serve our clients – being true to yourself will add value your video’s look and feel,” reveals Clayton.

Dress for the occasion 

First impressions count, so consider video content as the first step to creating a lasting impression on your audience. In terms of attire, Clayton explains there are some golden rules when it comes to presenting to camera.

“First and foremost, wear something you love and feel comfortable in. If you feel good in what you are wearing this will give you further confidence when presenting to camera,” says Clayton.

Pick items with simple, classic cuts and ensure garments are well-fitted, neat and wrinkle-free. Stay away from bright colours, relaxed sweaters and large shoulder pads and be aware of noisy pieces, like shoes and jewellery, that may be picked up on the mic recording.

“One of the most important rules is to avoid all stripes and patterns as they can cause a moiré effect on the screen,” Clayton explains.

Take a deep breath 

“Video can be daunting, even for the professionals!” says Clayton. It’s normal to feel nervous before a video shoot, so prepare for this by focusing on the pace of delivery.

Slowing your breathing ensures your video’s message reaches audiences eloquently and effectively. Take your time to articulate each idea, relax your shoulders and keep your back straight for good posture.

Consider the tone of your video, and decide on body positioning accordingly. Standing works best for direct and more professional presentations while remaining seated gives the video a more conversational, relaxed feel.

And as they always say, practice makes perfect! Clayton says, “it’s natural to feel terrified the first few times, but like anything the more you do it, the better you get.”

About Skyline Creative

Skyline Creative is a holistic boutique provider for quality and professional real estate marketing including property and branding videography and photography.

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