The digital marketing world is constantly evolving, making it difficult for small businesses and real estate agents to keep up. We look at 2017’s three big trends, that agents can jump on to leverage their profiles.

1. Remarketing  

There’s a lot of talk about data and how capturing data, especially data relating to consumers’ online behaviours, is a powerful resource for businesses. Why is this data so important and why are corporations investing heavily in it? One word – remarketing.

Remarketing allows brands to collect specific data on a customer, their purchasing habits or what they may potentially purchase, and customise their marketing to that specific customer. Many people experience remarketing without even being aware of it. Have you ever looked for a new pair of shoes online? The next thing you know, you’re seeing ads for those shoes on every other website you visit and even on social media.

Agents can set up a remarketing strategy easily through Facebook. If you have a Facebook page, add the Facebook Pixel on your website. You can then set up a ‘Website Visitors’ audience in Facebook Ads Manager. Remarket to these people through Facebook to convert them to a Facebook follower or a subscriber to your email list.

2. Private social media 

With almost every activity we undertake – from catching an Uber ride to buying groceries to browsing Facebook – we are probably being tracked. It stands to reason that consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about their privacy on the web. This, coupled with the fear that our personal and business reputations could be tainted by our online profile, has prompted the rising trend of private social media.

We are now seeing more demand for private social media, with other platforms adapting to cater to the demand for private social media. One example of how real estate agents can take advantage of the private social media trend in 2017 is through Facebook groups. Set up a private Facebook group and provide this group with exclusive market updates and statistics. Or perhaps create a Facebook group for your VIP landlords or a local community sponsorship.

If the customer feels they are receiving exclusive and valuable information, they will be more likely to join the group. Although you will probably receive fewer followers through this method, the relationship with those customers will be stronger.

3. Micro-influencers 

2016 was certainly the year of the ‘influencer’. This buzz word has been thrown around so much that people have made careers out of being an influencer. However, with the year of the influencer, came the year of the wannabee influencer, with tons of people jumping on the bandwagon trying to make a quick buck from growing a large following on social media. These wannabees might have hundreds of thousands of followers but these followers are not very engaged, nor are they loyal.

Some brands are yielding stronger results by building relationships with a handful micro influencers who have a small, but loyal and highly engaged following in specific niches. These people may only have 500 or so followers but they have a much higher success rate when converting customers for brands.

Real estate agents can use the micro influencers trend by seeking out influential people in their local area and developing relationships with them. This could be a local businessperson, someone working with local schools or sporting teams, a building manager or even a referral partner such as a solicitor or mortgage broker. A local business may be willing to cross-promote your business on their social media pages or you could offer to contribute content regularly to their pages or blogs. This strategy will help you grow your network and tap into a new audience.

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