Capturing your audience, and keeping them on your website, is becoming more and more tricky. We know that most people will read this introductory paragraph, glance down to the bolded subheadings and scan over what interests them. Knowing what to give your audience in a blog is what’s going to keep them coming back. That’s why we’ve put together 4 tips on writing blogs.

1. Create blog content from customer questions

Creating fresh, new content is key to website traffic. Your main aim is to answer any questions or problems your audience has.

Check the comment sections on your blog or similar industry blogs. Reading client reviews and testimonials to see what your audience wants to know is how you can find content that they can’t either. Comments and questions on social media are other places you should look. Use these commonly asked questions to create your blog content because this is what your clients will be interested in reading.

2. Talk the right language 

You want to use your target audiences’ jargon, not get them to use yours. Your audience should be able to find and understand you easily. Simple, to the point and relatable tone and manner is how you want to relay your blog content.

Knowing your audience will allow you to know what kind of keywords they are using to search for your content and what they respond well to.

3. Use subheadings in blog posts  

Only 28% of the blog content you create will be read. Highlight the key points of your content and put what you want your customers to read upfront.

Your audience is most likely to skim through your content and grab key points. If you provide a text-heavy blog without highlighting the key points, it becomes too overwhelming for the reader.

4. Leverage your blog content 

There is no point spending time and resources creating great blog content that you don’t leverage in every way possible. Make sure you share your blog posts on your social media channels.

Repurpose your blog content into video blogs, podcasts and press releases or pull out the key points and turn them into social media posts and tips.

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