Creating engaging content that converts to paying customers is not as simple as it might seem. When it comes to Facebook, not only are you competing against your customers’ friends and family for attention, but you also must consider the Facebook algorithm.

Seemingly small details on you posts can have huge impact on how many people see them. Lucky for you we see a lot of Facebook posts, in fact my team schedule hundreds of posts on social media every week. We’ve tried and tested many different methods and here’s what we found.

There are 5 key things that can kill your engagement on Facebook

1. Sharing posts to your page

When you simply share a post on your page from another page it just doesn’t seem to reach as many people as an original post would. We can’t say exactly why, other than the fact that the algorithm simply doesn’t like it.

2. Posting with the send message button

In a recent update, Facebook added the ability to add a “Send a Message” call to action to your Facebook posts. In our experience posts with this button receive less engagement as they are driving audiences to ‘Send a Message’ rather than like, comment or click through to a link. Only use this button when it is relevant to the post.

3. Too much text on your images/graphics

Again, the algorithm simply doesn’t like graphics with too much text on them, as they signal the post may be spam or an advertisement – 20% text on your graphics should be your maximum.

4. Too many hashtags

On Facebook, every word in a post is searchable already which means that hashtags are obsolete. Too many hashtags on a Facebook post looks messy and we find they receive far less engagement.

5. Posting YouTube links

You may not realise this, but YouTube and Facebook are direct competitors. In the past year since Facebook have really honed in on making video a priority on the platform meaning they aren’t in the business of promoting YouTube content. Sharing a YouTube link on your Facebook page gets a hard no from us.

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