In our opinion, email marketing is one of the most underutilised tools in the real estate industry.

Are you using email marketing to its best ability? If not, then this is the episode for you.

It takes far more time, money and effort to acquire new customers than it does to convert your current customers and many real estate agencies have a huge database of customers that they aren’t leveraging. We’ve got some tips on how you can maximise your email marketing to deliver real return on investment so let’s get into those.

1. Use email for client nurture

Email is a great tool to provide your current clients with valuable information and show your expertise. A regular email newsletter with a market update, blog and some recent results would be enough to keep clients in the loop and make them feel loved.

Customers are more likely to contact you when it comes time to sell or lease their home if they think of you as a trusted advisor and hear from you on a regular basis.

2. Clean up your database

Last year we saw more stringent guidelines surrounding customer data in Australia come into effect.

Businesses are required to request consent from customers before subscribing them to their email marketing communications.

Unwanted emails are less likely to convert and could even be reported as spam, this can impact your ability from getting into the inboxes of people that want to hear from you.

So, make sure you get permission before adding people to your list! You will most likely also see an increase in both your open and click-through rates on your emails too.

3. Segment your list

Sending out blanket emails or irrelevant emails to your list is likely to result in unsubscribers.

Once someone unsubscribes, you lose the ability to keep in touch regularly via email. It’s imperative to send out targeted and relevant content to recipients.

Try splitting your list into buyers and sellers or tenants and landlords as a first step and tailor the communications to each group.

4. Convert your social media audience into email subscribers

Perhaps one of our favourite tips and a great way to see some tangible results from your social media marketing is to convert your social media audience into email subscribers.

This will build a valuable marketing asset that you have full control of.

Entice your audience with a great eBook or market report that’s promoted on your social media channels and set up a lead capture landing page to collect their details.

But, don’t neglect them once you have them on your list, make sure you have a system in place to continue to nurture customers with email content and build that relationship!

5. Finally, try email automation

Once you have acquired a new customer to your list, you can guide them through the real estate process by setting up a series of automated emails.

For example, if someone has downloaded a market report or eBook from your website they may be considering selling soon.

Consider how you can help them make a more informed decision, as well as show that you are an expert in your field.

What information might be helpful to someone in their position? Stagger, these helpful tips over a period of 4 to 6 weeks, keep your emails short and focus on delivering value.

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