So you know video is where it’s at, but you don’t know where to start? As digital marketers, enhancing brand presence is what we aim to achieve. How this is done is by engaging with customers as we build relationships based on trust and understanding. Video has become the medium to create this loyalty as is develops the emotional connection we are looking for. Here are 5 tips on how to implement video into your marketing.

1. Start with your strategy 

Video is happening right now and it should have a crucial spot in your marketing strategy. Don’t be left in the digital world’s dust!

Key pointers of your strategy should be to;

Analyse your audience, who are you creating the video for?

– Analyse available content opportunities based on your business’ nature and specifications.

Define what you know about your niche and consider how you can bring this value to your audience.

Track your, and your competitors’, a success rate of video marketing.

2. Know your content options 

From a greeting video on your website home page to customer testimonials to the “how to” videos, the options are endless. Having said this, don’t throw a video in anywhere you feel, make sure it has the answers your customers are looking for. Give them the happy faces behind the brand, the emotional connection they seeking or a simple tip to make their lives easier.

Video blogs, events and on-demand webinar videos, stories your company has or tutorials are all great options. Be creative, but make sure it adds value.

3. Focus on a single topic per video 

Mixing more than one topic can distract a viewer’s attention from the key point of the video. Keeping it short and to the point will grab them and keep them there.

Use your best visuals straight away to avoid viewer drop off. Most viewers may only watch the first few seconds, so if you are aiming for visual impact put the best content first.

4. Optimise your videos on each platform 

Using keyword labels and customised description of the core topic helps search engines to identify your content, bringing in the audience you want.

Top it off with a customised graphic for the snippet of the video to grab their attention them from the very beginning. Add subtitles, especially on Facebook as 80% of people now watch videos on social media without sound. This will allow your video to get more views.

5. Share it on different social platforms  

Embed your video into your website and customise the videos for different platforms. YouTube is the second largest search engine and is owned by Google, so you want to be where the rest of the world is. Add a link to take the viewer back to your website. On your website, embed the video above the fold and add the transcription of the video for increased searchability.

Video promotion via email campaigns is also a good way to increase reach and stay connected to your audience.

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