Video content is crucial in the social media space, but if you are overwhelmed by the time and expense involved in creating video content, then this is the episode for you.

We always recommend having your video content professionally filmed if you can. Not only will you get a better end result, but you can re-purpose your video content in many different ways to get maximum return on investment. But, if having your videos professionally filmed is just not an option, then we’ve got some tips to improve your videos for social media.

1. Use a tripod

Tripods are relatively inexpensive and will make a huge difference to your video quality. You can pick one up for under $100 and this will reduce your camera’s shakiness and make things easier if you are flying solo when filming your videos. Set up your shots with a tripod and do a couple of test takes to make sure the framing and focus is just right.

2. Get the right lighting

Dark videos can be an immediate turn-off and can look a little unprofessional, so make sure you film in a place that has great natural light. It is best to have the light in front of you, and not behind you so you make sure you don’t have a dark shadow across your face. And if you are filming outside, morning or afternoon, rather than in the middle of the day is your best bet to reduce shadows.

Your foreground lighting and your background lighting need to be consistent, which is especially important if you are showcasing a great view. For those times when natural light just isn’t an option, I suggest investing in a portable ring light. You can pick one up online relatively cheaply, and it is the perfect accessory to take your video quality up a notch.

You could also try creating a second lighting point to diffuse the light with some white corflute board. This is something you can get from a craft store for a couple of dollars

3. Sound quality

Your audio is just as important as your image, so make sure you aren’t filming in a noisy area because noise can be difficult to edit out at a later stage.

Again, test the sound with a practice take, make sure you can be heard clearly and there isn’t any loud background noise or wind on the mike. A clip-on lapel mic can make the world of difference to your sound, so if you plan to create a number of videos then this should definitely be part of your filming equipment.

4. Caption your Facebook videos

I bet you didn’t know that 85% of Facebook videos are watched on mute.

A simple way to keep your users engaged is to caption to your videos so that users can watch your content on the go.

The most efficient way to caption videos is to upload them to YouTube as a private video. YouTube will automatically detect the sound and captions the videos for you.

They don’t always get these perfect so you might need to spend a few minutes tweaking your copy. Once this is done you can then download the caption file, called an SRT file, which can easily be uploaded onto Facebook when you post your video.

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