Instagram Stories is one of the best features the platform has which everyone should take advantage of. The story feature is a fun and interactive way to engage your followers while showing off your brand’s personality. Now, there are several ways you can make your stories thumb stopping and we are here to help you do just that.


Stickers are a great element that Instagram incorporates in their stories to enhance the performance of content. Some of the stickers include location tags, hashtags, mentions, music, polls, questions and even gifs. All of these stickers are worth making use of across your stories. You can increase visibility with the location and hashtags option or add visually appealing elements with gifs. Stickers spark interest among your viewers and they are more likely to hang around for longer than a milli second if they see something moving. Use simple polls to get to know your audience better, so you can focus your content themes towards what your audience is telling you they want/like through these poll results.

You can ask questions using the question stickers to make your content more interactive. Make sure to acknowledge the responses from your followers so they know you’re engaging with their efforts and time taken to respond to your question. If you’re a business you can use this tool to gain email addresses of your followers to add to your mailing list which is a valuable resource to build your online community.

Tell A Story

They are called stories for a reason, so tell your story! A chain of stories telling a coherent story from beginning to end within a few seconds really helps boost engagement and keep the attention of your followers. This can further help drive traffic to visit your profile and learn more about your business as viewers are more likely to click on a story first before coming across a post in the newsfeed. Include prompts such as ‘hold to read’, ‘tap for more’, ‘turn phone horizontally’ to make it even easier for your audience to navigate through your content.

Videos with short text also works well and you can utilise the music feature to make it more entertaining. Keep things real, people are following you for a reason – they want to see what you do! Behind the scenes content, office or workspace tours, Q&A’s with team members will add personality and depth to your social media presence.

Screenshotable Stories

Stories that you can screenshot and repost are becoming the new ‘in thing’! Make sure you ask your followers to tag you in their responses so that you can share their interactions when you ask a question or if you have a fill in the blanks and tagging challenge. It is essential to put time, or even invest in templates that match your social media aesthetic so that your brand’s colour scheme continues into your stories seamlessly through your stories. Use Canva, Easil, Sked Social, Storyluxe and many more apps to get started with amazing customisable story templates. Not only does this keep your branding consistent but it also drives the aesthetic side of Instagram – after all it is a visual platform, so play into that, or shall we say tap into that!

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