Did you miss this year’s AREC? Well, don’t worry we’ve got you covered with our key takeaways from the world’s greatest real estate conference.

There were 32 speakers and over 200 secrets shared at this year’s AREC but 3 key points resonated with me and are valuable takeaways for every property professional looking to build their brand.

Firstly, teamwork makes the dream work

It is becoming increasingly apparent that to become a top agent you can’t do it alone.

We heard Alexander Phillips, Taney Jain, Megan Jaffe and Brendan Pomponio all speak about the importance of having the right team in place to become a top agent.

Having specialists on your team whether it’s in administration, marketing, prospecting or buyer work contributes significantly to growth and efficiency.

You can’t expect to get ‘specialist’ results from team members who don’t have the expertise or time to do their job well.

This is one reason many of our clients choose to collaborate with an external party like ourselves to deliver expert and specialised advice around digital marketing.

With the right partnership, ‘outsourcing’ can be a more cost-effective solution, delivering better results, less hassle.

Next up, ‘conversations and conversions’

Real Estate Educator Tom Ferry talked about the touchpoints you need as an agent to leverage all lead generation opportunities.

All touch points are important when it comes to building rapport with new and existing clients.

The average Aussie only sells their home once every 8 years. This means that it could take years to convert a prospect into a seller.

Because of this it can be hard to attribute the work you are putting in from a marketing perspective to actual business conversions.

Was it really worth having that billboard in town? That community sponsorship? Those letterbox drops, videos, social media posts?

Well, I think we really need to start thinking of conversations as conversions.

Real estate is a numbers game so the more conversations you are having with people the more business and leverage you will receive.

Every conversation you are having with a potential seller, buyer or person in your neighbourhood is working towards building your profile so that you are the one they think of when it comes time to sell their home.

Finally, trust is key

We probably all realise by now that trust is a huge factor in influencing people to list and sell their home with a real estate agent.

Tom Ferry’s Google’s research showed us that 49% of people surveyed by Google said ‘trust’ is the most important aspect when choosing a real estate agent.

What’s important to you when selecting an agent?

  • Trust – 49%
  • Experience – 15%
  • Negotiate – 13.2%
  • Personal Reference – 11.8%
  • Work Fast – 8.4%
  • Brand – 2.5%

Michael Sheargold also touched on the fact that real estate agents are one of the least trusted professions in Australia, ranking 28 out of 30 just above Car Salesman and Advertising people.

So how do you build this elusive trust? Well, Peter Fuda (business coach to top CEOs worldwide) identified the following elements that contribute to building trust:

  • Credibility – Do they believe you can do it?
  • Reliability – Do you do it?
  • And Intent or motive – Do they believe your motive?

You can’t control all of these elements but you can control how you build credibility by communicating how well you do things through social media and digital marketing.

Showcase your results, feedback from past clients and case studies.

This could be through Google reviews, social media content, video content or simply a professional online presence.

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