Are you creating content for your Facebook Page but not getting much engagement? Well, this is the episode for you.

Engagement – that’s likes, comments, shares and post clicks, is one of the most important metrics to track on social media if you want to stay top of mind and build awareness for your business.

Sharing content on Facebook is not as simple as it once was. Since the algorithm change earlier this year to preference posts from family and friends over businesses, it’s becoming almost impossible to get cut through on the platform without social media expertise and a solid strategy.

Today, I’m going to talk you through the most common mistakes that impact engagement with your Facebook audience and how to fix them!

1. You’re not adding budget to your posts

Facebook is now a “pay-for-play” social media platform. Essentially, this means your posts won’t be seen by your audience unless you add budget to promote your content – and yes that’s even if you have a large social media following.

The good news is that at this point in time, advertising on Facebook doesn’t require a huge budget. Adding a small amount of money to ‘boost’ your content will amplify your efforts on Facebook.

Re-allocating a portion of your existing marketing budget to Facebook Ads is an extremely cost-effective strategy that will help to grow your brand’s presence online.

2. You’re targeting the wrong audience

With so many users on the Facebook platform, directing your content to the right audience is essential. Maximise your efforts on Facebook by creating targetted ‘audiences’.

To make every dollar you spend on Facebook advertising count, set up Facebook Audiences based on your target demographic to reach people who might do business with you. An example for real estate professionals might be, targeting people who live in your core suburbs or the contacts on your email database.

3. You’re not posting the right content 

If no one is liking your Facebook content, you may need to adjust the type of posts you’re sharing. Consider the needs and pain-points of your audience and create content to address these concerns.

Answer frequently asked questions and share tips and blog articles to inspire action from Facebook users. Using eye-catching, professional imagery and a clever copy will maximise audience engagement on Facebook.

If you haven’t yet set up a Facebook Business Page for your agency or your own agent profile grab our freebie below for a quick guide on how to get started.


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