Have you ever wondered how other real estate agents use social media? We’ve put together some great case studies of real estate agents’ social media accounts so you can see how some of the best in the business are using Instagram and Facebook well.

Here’s our list of five real estate agents using social media like a pro, each in their own unique way.

Damien Cooley (Facebook): Cooley Auctions

Damien Cooley is an eastern-Sydney based auctioneer who has an impressive repertoire of work under his belt, with a smashing social media presence to boot. Recognised for his inimitable style and consistently exceptional results, most memorable about Damien is his professional, straightforward and matter-of-fact personality. This is carried consistently through his online persona. His agent tips are informative and relevant, and speak to his key audience – agents seeking auctioneers – very clearly. He also shares with us his personality and interests, such as his interest in cooking, and passion for helping others in need (evidenced by the many charity auctions and fundraising events he leads every year). Utilising this mix of property tips and personal branding strategies, Damien maintains a high level of professional expertise and personal authenticity.

We Love: that the social content aims to educate the audience and add value

Team Chauncy (Facebook): Peter Chauncy, McGrath Crows Nest

Peter Chauncy may be one of McGrath Estate Agents’ top performers and in the top 10 real estate agents in the country according to Real Estate Business, but a quick scan through the Team Chauncy socials tells us that it is not just about Peter. In fact, the strength of the Team Chauncy online branding is that it focuses on the importance of all members of the team, and how they each bring their own unique strengths to the business (“Buying a Home with Brigitte”, “Preparing for Sale with Lauren”). The content delivered is also of a consistently high calibre, delivering value to potential buyers and sellers by providing useful information and insights about the market.

We Love: Consistent quality that focuses on showcasing the talent of the whole team

@definitelydrewdavies (Instagram): Drew Davies, McGrath Estate Agents – New Farm

One only needs to have a quick scroll through Brisbane-based, luxury real estate agent Drew Davies’ Instagram feed to see where his past architectural background has had its influence. Always aesthetic, glossy and professionally shot, the photos on Drew’s Instagram account showcase his personal brand through consistent and varied content themes. While they certainly focus on the glamorous side of real estate agent living, recurring motifs such as family shots or personal styling photos reveal his personal passions and interests to his followers too.

We Love: the strong sense of personal brand that comes across

@whitefoxrealestate (Instagram): White Fox Real Estate

Based in Melbourne, White Fox Real Estate boast a bold and unique brand personality. Showcasing a range of luxury and remodelled period homes across Melbourne, White Fox Real Estate make it clear that they offer a memorable and bespoke experience, delivering end-to-end service that is “not like other real estate agencies”.

Using strong, clean lines and a mostly black-and-white colour theme, the carefully curated Instagram feed is so visually striking that you’d be forgiven for thinking that the brand’s expertise lies within the field of visual, graphic or creative design.

Captions are kept short, direct, and free from many of the embellishments that the real estate industry has become so famed for. Instead, they use simple terms such as ‘the deal’, ‘obvious’, and ‘seals the deal’ to describe the properties. They maintain a young and playful tone that is often tongue-in-cheek – pop culture references are abundant, as are puns and wordplay, ringing true to the brand’s personality.

We Love: The smooth transition of the brand’s personality into their social media copy

Paula Sweeney (Facebook): Rural Co

Based in regional NSW city Tamworth, Paula Sweeney is the only rural agent on our list. Her social media presence, while modest in size, boasts impressive levels of follower engagement. We attribute this to Paula’s strong connection to her local community. A long-standing Tamworth resident, Paula’s personal brand revolves around her knowledge of the local area, and the role she plays as an enthusiastic member of the Tamworth community. Her Facebook page regularly spotlights and recommends Tamworth businesses, events and local lifestyle. She effectively leverages her community connections to build relationships with locals around her, strengthening her personal brand and business.

We Love: the local love. Genuine and perfect for the target audience.

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