Video content – we know it is important, but it is just so darn time consuming. We put it off and procrastinate about it until before you know it another year has gone by and we haven’t created a single video.

This year alone we’ve created about 30 professional videos, so we’re going to share with you how we do it and how you can get organised and get it done too.

1. Create a plan 

A goal without a plan is just a wish and this is so true when it comes to creating content, so get planning and your chances of executing will increase substantially.

First figure out the frequency of your videos, realistically with your existing commitments how frequently can you produce videos? Maybe a monthly video will work for you, maybe weekly, maybe quarterly – whatever it is, be realistic or you won’t stick to it.

Next, plan out your video content themes. Block out one hour in your diary and sit down and brainstorm as many ideas as you can think of. Consider what will be of value to your audience, and what questions are you being asked frequently by your customers. Now, narrow down your topics to just your top 12. Don’t overthink it – you can flesh the ideas out later! Put these topics into a spreadsheet and assign them to a month of the year based on when they will be most timely.

You’ve just got your entire years’ worth of video content sorted – nice job!

2. Create a consistent format for your videos

Having a set format for your videos will not only make the creative process easier, it will also make your videos look more professional and consistent. If your videos are going to be episodic like the Digital Chronicle, try starting your videos with an ‘engagement hook’. This is the pain point that draws the viewer in right at the beginning and tells them what to expect from your content.

Follow with an intro about yourself and what your videos are all about, and why people should be watching your videos. If you are planning to film more of an update style video, like a market update, create a set format for that too.

What are the key points or areas you are going to cover off on every video? Once you have this format in place, it will make your life so much easier!

3. Batch your time

I find the most efficient way to create my videos is to film a few in one sitting. That way, I make maximum use of your time and money. Take a couple of outfits along and change up your set to keep things looking fresh.

Once you’ve filmed your videos, book in the next filming session straight away and put it in your calendar. Once that time is locked in weeks ahead it is blocked out and you can’t be pulled off track by other appointments or commitments.

4. Be organised

Getting organised for your shoot nice and early will save you the stress of the last-minute rush and wasted time on set.

Write your content at least a week before the shoot, print it out and practice what you are going to say in advance. Don’t try and memorise or read a script you will only sound robotic and insincere – know your key talking points and let the conversation flow. I also highly recommend filming in a place with no distractions or external sound. Nothing wastes time like having to wait for the 555 bus to go past every 10 minutes.

Film somewhere with great lighting and acoustics – it will make the whole process much more efficient and enjoyable.

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