You want to get the best price for your vendor, yes? The best exposure for your listing? Yes? Well, property promotion on social media plays a big factor in getting a great result so it’s time to think outside of the typical listings on the online portals and discover how you, as a real estate agent, can maximise exposure to buyers and get those OFI numbers up!

Luckily, the ever-growing popularity of social media means the world is now at our fingertips. So why not take promoting your property to the next level?

If this sounds like a good idea but you have no clue where to start the team at Chronicle Republic has you covered.

Here are not 1, but 9 ways, to promote your property on social media.

1. Coming soon posts 

Eager to get the word out about your property? Sometimes, it can feel like a lifetime before the professional marketing is ready. While professional photos and floor plans are essential, giving the market a sneak peek won’t hurt. End the wait by scheduling a coming soon post. A couple of pictures of the property’s exterior captioned with any upcoming important dates is easy and inexpensive to post and works especially well on Instagram Stories.

2. Boost your posts 

Never underestimate the power of a well-implemented boost post. Here’s where having a clear understanding of your target audience is crucial. Implementing a Facebook boost post is simple. Essentially, you pay Facebook to show a specific post to your chosen audience. There are a number of audience variables you can choose to target, with the four most prominent being: age, gender, location and interests. The most important variable for agents is location because research shows that most buyers already live within 7km of the property. Boosting a post to your local area will mean your post will reach buyers within the surrounding suburbs. The ability to boost a Facebook post is one of the many reasons why you should have a Facebook Business Page, not a personal profile.

3. Run a social ad campaign

Like the sound of a boost post but want more detailed optimisation? This is possible with a social ad campaign. Factors such as audience targeting, ad channel placement, budget splitting and specified posting times are all alterable. With this much influence over who sees what you post your content will never be wasted on the wrong audience ever again.

4. Property videos

If you want to gain maximum exposure, utilise video content. This medium reaches the widest audience and encourages the most active audience engagement. We find drone videography to be especially engaging on social media because aerial shots, allow for an experience almost as good as being there in person! If you are more into the DIY vibes, introduce your property by filming a walk through guided tour and posting it on your Instagram Stories. Before you know it, the enquiries will be rolling in.

5. Use hashtags

Social media promotion is all about knowing how to capture the right audience. Hashtags remove the guesswork by putting your content in the hands of the right people. By selecting the appropriate tags, you can catch the attention of individuals already interested in the content you’re posting. Pick relevant hashtags such as the suburb of the property and agency your work for. But don’t neglect to add some general real estate related hashtags for any other potential buyers.

6. Leverage vendor connections

Ask your vendor to reach out to their online community by sharing posts about their property on their own social platforms. The larger your audience catchment the greater your exposure and you can build upon existing connections to strengthen your online property campaign.

7. Auction invites

Advertising your auctions and open house times can be a great way to draw a crowd. Create posts to let buyers know when these key dates are for your property. This is another great piece of content to go in your Instagram Stories as it will be informative without bombarding your audience who aren’t looking to buy right now with irrelevant content. Not only is this the first place people click for up-to-the-minute updates, but it will inform the public without messing up the aesthetic of your feed. As Stories expire after 24 hours, the invites will be automatically removed after the auction or open house has passed.

8. Use a lifestyle pitch

When people buy a property, they are looking for a lifestyle too. Location is just as important as the property itself. Find a way to showcase the lifestyle on offer with your property. Try to do this by exploring a day in the life of a homeowner in this suburb. Create social content that highlights the best spots locals enjoy or the value-adding assets like schools, access to transport and sporting clubs.

9. Create owner interviews

There’s no better way to attract potential buyers than by looking at past success stories. Which is why you should take the opportunity to chat with your vendor about what made the property attractive to them. A great way to make this content for your feed is by filming an informal interview with the owner. Ask them their favourite things about the property or suburb, and post them on social media. If you’re feeling inspired you could even take this one step further by turning it into a series of posts featuring other relevant people such as the builder or architect of the home or other local residents. If video isn’t possible, type up a quick Q&A about the property to caption a photo would work well too.

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