With 71% of the Australian population using Facebook, it is undeniable that including social media in your marketing plan should be a priority. With 12.5 hours spent on social media weekly, including social media in your marketing strategy can increase your brand’s exposure by leaps and bounds.

We want to give you 3 key reasons why it is imperative to include social media as part of your marketing plan.

1. Drive targetted traffic 

As social media continues to grow, it has never been easier to identify and reach your target audience. Whatever your target demographic, a substantial portion of your potential customers will be present on social media. It is time to take advantage of that!

When branding your business online it is extremely important to access your target audience and direct that traffic to where you need them to go. Social media is the ultimate tool for this.
While the Facebook app allows you to direct users to your website, you can invite your followers to read your latest blog through LinkedIn, or even get them involved in a lunchtime poll using the Instagram Stories feature. The opportunities for engagement are endless, allowing you to build trust and engage and inspire them throughout your digital playground.

2. Boost your website’s SEO

Did you know that Google has search engine crawlers that visit your website to see if your content is recent and relevant? Well, now you do!

Social media is a fantastic way to direct your followers back to your website, not only making your site more credible for the Google bots but also inviting your potential clients to dive into the great content you’ve been prepping online.

Make sure to regularly update your web content to keep things fresh and include a blog section where you can post content on a regular basis.

3. Building relationships

Start conversations online. Our Director Tiffany Wilson strongly believes that conversations = conversions, and there is no better place to start a conversation than in the social media world!

With easy access to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn via the applications on your phone, you can quickly and efficiently respond to every question your users are asking. Encourage them to continue the conversation, building rapport with the potential client and leaving a lasting impression in their mind.

Make sure to respond to these comments within a 24-hour period to sustain credibility online. In an age where everyone has access to social media immediately, it’s important to stay on top of your game and regularly check and respond to any engagement you may have received.

Don’t have time for this? Why not let the experts do it for you! The Chronicle Republic team love staying on top of all of our clients social media platforms, get in touch for more information on how we could help you build your brand today.

So, there you have it! 3 key elements that we believe should give you plenty of reason to include social media in your marketing strategy. What have you got to lose?

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