Social media success is everything when it comes to building a strong online profile. Easy access to social media accounts makes it something that everyone wants to be a part of. Having quality content with exceptional photos on your profile is non-negotiable if you want to grab everyone’s attention. You don’t always need to spend big budgets on photoshoots or use the most expensive cameras and tech gear out there. Your smartphone is a great tool to bring out your inner budding photographer and get those fancy shots! We share with you some of our hot tips for taking great photos and increasing the visual aesthetic of your social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram.

Upgrade your phone

If your phone is an older model, you may be risking the quality of your photos as it would not have updated photography features. Older phones do not have the same capabilities as newer phone models do and it may be time for an upgrade. You don’t need to get the latest iPhone but it would be worthwhile looking into some phones with cameras that have 8 megapixels or more.

Take multiple shots

There’s never too many shots when it comes to taking photos. One of the greatest perks of taking photos on your phones is that they can be easily deleted. Taking multiple shots is the perfect way to ensure you get the best shot possible without missing any moments in between. Make sure to experiment with different angles and lighting to find out what works best for your content.

Clean your camera lens

This one may sound obvious, but many people forget to do it. We are constantly touching our phones making our camera lens prone to dirt and smudges which reduce the quality of the photos we take. Cleaning your camera with a cloth before you take photos will immediately improve the quality of the photos you take and give your photography more clarity.


Being focused as a photographer is necessary but making your phone come into focus is something to take note of as well. When taking photos on your phone make sure to focus on the subject you are taking an image of. Simply tap on the screen to tell your phone where you would like to bring focus to. This will immediately make the main focus of your image sharper and clearer and even blur subjects in the background which will enhance your photos and give them a professional look.


HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a valuable tool to utilise when you are struggling to get the perfect shot in difficult lighting situations such as over exposed or low light areas. HDR automatically balances this out and adds detail in dark and light areas of a photo. This setting is perfect for landscape photography and should be available in most smartphones.

Photo apps and editing with pro tools

While the generic phone camera application is great at delivering quality images, there are apps you can download to enhance your image quality even further. Adobe has a wide range of apps including Lightroom and Photoshop Express which you can utilise to take images on. More popular applications include VSCO, Snapseed and ProCamera. These applications allow you to experiment with professional features such as exposure, shutter speed, filters and HDR/low light modes. They are suitable for beginners and also help fine tune the details of photographs including exposure and saturation.

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