Looking to improve on your social media marketing for 2019?

As we head into the last couple of months of 2018, now is the perfect time to refine and tweak your current social media strategy in order to achieve premium results in 2019.

1. Start with your brand’s personality  

Think about what type of person your brand would be if it could walk and talk. This might sound like a strange concept, but defining the personality you want to convey to your target audience can significantly impact how you are received in the digital realm.

Here’s a quick exercise that can help you define your brand personality: write down 5 words that describe your business. You can even get your team involved if you have one, it’s always interesting to see how you’re perceived from the outside. You might start off with a few extras words but make sure you refine those right back to just 5 keywords. Write these words down on a ‘post it’ note and stick them on your desk somewhere where you will see them every day. Now whenever you start creating any marketing material you can use this list as a checklist to make sure your content is on point.

2. Create and review your themes 

When it comes to social media, batching your content into themes, or ‘content buckets’ will help you immensely!

There are a couple of reasons content themes are so important: they allow you to create consistency, build anticipation from your audience and provide structure when it comes to creating content. So now is the time to start brainstorming some themes for your 2019 content!

If you are already using themes, then start to drill down into your data and look at what has been working well this year, and what hasn’t, for a fresh approach in the new year.

3. Reassess your budget for paid promotion

As social media usage continues to grow so does the amount of content being produced on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. As such, competition for eyeballs is fierce, and on Facebook in particular, promoting your content is essential to make your efforts worthwhile. In the past year the cost to reach your target audience through paid promotions on social media has increased, simply because the number of people using Facebook Ads has increased.

Now is the time to reassess if your budget needs to be tweaked to keep achieving results or achieve better results in 2019. Compare some past results from the start and middle of the year to see where you are at today in comparison.

Unfortunately, the longer that you put off building your social media strategy for 2019 the harder it will become to catch up. If you haven’t yet set up a Facebook Business Page for your agency or your own agent profile grab our freebie below for a quick guide on how to get started.


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