Are you trying your hand with social media marketing, but feel like it’s a big waste of time? Well let me tell you, it’s not. Social media is a very powerful marketing tool that can help you build your business and win new customers.

If you aren’t getting the results you want from social media marketing then you could be making one of these common mistakes.

Have a social strategy

It is really important to know the who, how and why when developing your social media strategy. This means considering who are you trying to target, how will you reach them and why are you on social media?

Posting content without any real objective won’t help you build an engaged audience and it certainly won’t help you win business. Consider your business goals and how these relate to your social media strategy. If you are looking to build brand awareness than a value-based content strategy could be the best approach, or if you’re looking to generate leads then social media advertising such as Facebook Ads will be a great way to bring in those leads.

However, a combined approach of both could be extremely effective to help take your business to the next level.

Remain consistent on social media 

If you’re not posting on a regular basis you won’t be able to build a sense of anticipation for your audience. By just posting content when it occurs to you, you’re defeating one of the key reasons for social media, that being to stay top of mind.

Furthermore, it can look unprofessional and lacklustre if you are not posting content regularly and your social media accounts aren’t up to date.

Dedicate enough resources to your social media marketing

Another common mistake made is not dedicating resources to social media marketing. In regards to both time and money, social media marketing requires just as much attention as your offline marketing efforts.

Many people underestimate the amount of budget involved in building a solid social media channel and therefore end up with a mediocre result. Don’t underestimate the importance of social media marketing, and if you’re unsure of your capabilities invest in a professional to help you.

Make sure to connect with others 

Not connecting with other users on social media is another simple but common error. Social media got its name for a reason, it’s social! Make sure to reach out to people and have those two-way conversations.

It might be a labour-intensive task, but its essential to go out and have those conversations to build genuine engagement.

Know your target audience 

Don’t make the mistake of not targetting the right people on social media. You don’t need tens of thousands of followers, you just need a loyal following of people who will either refer your business or do business with you directly. If you’re not taking steps to focus your attention, your efforts on social media will become a big waste of time.

So don’t let a lack of direction or strategy stop you from getting results on social media. Hopefully, these common mistakes will help you identify where you may be going wrong and get you back on the path to success.

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