Not sure where to start when it comes to Instagram Stories? Well, this is the episode for you!

First, what are Instagram Stories? This is a relatively new feature released by Instagram which allows users and brands to share even more content. The difference is Stories content only lasts for 24 hours, creating a sense of urgency for the user and it appears in a different at the top of the screen, outside of the traditional Instagram Newsfeed.

The past year has seen a significant rise in the usage of Instagram Stories, now surpassing its rival Snapchat with over 200 million active users. In fact, Instagram Stories is changing the way the platform is being used, causing a decrease in traditional Newsfeed content on Instagram.

So now might be a good time to think about how you might add Instagram Stories to your social media plan. But where do you start when it comes to creating Instagram Stories content?

Consider the golden rule of social media 

Add value! Whether it’s to educate, entertain or inspire, make sure you consider what is going to be of use to the viewer. We’ve found the best engagement on Instagram Stories comes from well thought-out and planned content that is executed with quality.

Remember, it’s  story! It needs to have a beginning, middle and an end.

Use Instagram stories’ built-in features

Familiarise yourself with all the tools offered by Instagram Stories and take the time to use them. Polls, stickers and tagging people and geo-locations in your Instagram Stories are all great ways to increase your organic reach.

Take advantage of tools 

Use third-party tools to plan, design and schedule you Instagram Stories posts. They don’t need to be created on the run! Consider planning out your Instagram Stories content in advance each month and use a scheduling to for a ‘set and forget’ approach.

Canva and Adobe Spark are examples of great design tools you can use to create polished and professional graphics and are quite user-friendly.

Create themes for your Instagram stories 

Brainstorm 4 to 5 content themes that are relevant to your brand and of value to your audience. This will make your life so much easier when it comes to creating content.

Here are some content themes to consider for your Instagram Stories:

  • behind the scenes
  • customer stories
  • tutorials
  • team member takeovers
  • case studies
  • content promotion
  • tips and tricks
  • inspiration
  • industry updates
  • coming soon
  • sneak peaks

So there you have it! These are our top tips for creating engaging Instagram Stories, and we really hope this helps you take advantage of this powerful social media tool.

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