Well here it is. We promised you juice and here it comes.

As you may already know, we recently attended the Digital Marketing World Forum conference in New York City! There are some exciting things happening in the digital marketing space which are set to shape the way we market to our customers in 2017.

We had the pleasure of seeing various digital leaders speak live at the #DMWF this year, including marketing executives from global brands like Trivago, Pepsi Co, National Geographic, Reebok, Wrigley, Intel Security and Buzzfeed. In addition, to industry experts from companies like Sprout Social and The Social Chain and Glen Gilmore and Sean Gardener from the Forbes Top 20 Social Media Influencer’s list!

So much valuable info came out of the conference that we decided to make a series of blogs discussing the top trends for 2017.

Here’s what going to be big in digital in 2017.

Part one: hyper-targeted remarketing

There’s a lot of talk about data and how capturing data, especially from consumer’s online behaviour, is an extremely powerful resource for businesses. Large businesses such as Trivago are already investing heavily in capturing, sorting and analysing data on how their customers are using their products and services.

Thomas Wrobel, Global Head of Performance Marketing at Trivago says, “data should be a competence of every company.”

Traditionally marketing strategies have followed a similar structure for most brands incorporating the key channels like Public Relations, Advertising, Print Marketing, Digital Marketing, and so on. However, this structure is changing rapidly. The use of digital marketing has obviously grown substantially over the last few years meaning digital now makes up a much more significant portion of the marketing strategy pie. In fact, digital pretty much penetrates every portion of that pie now for most businesses, even offline businesses.

For most large brands this means that the structure of their marketing departments now look very different. Digital marketing teams are being split into more specialised departments focussing on specific initiatives within the digital marketing channel, as these avenues become more challenging to compete in and data increases the opportunities in these spaces. For example, Trivago’s marketing department is made up of specific teams for Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Affiliates and Content Marketing.

So why is this data becoming so important and why are corporations investing heavily in it? One word – REMARKETING.

Remarketing allows brands to collect specific data on a customer, their purchasing habits or what they may potentially purchase and then customise their marketing and advertising to that specific customer.

Many of you may have experienced remarketing already and not even realised. Ever browsed for a new pair of shoes online, and next thing you know you’re seeing ads for those shoes on every other website you visit – and even on social media?

And, this is just the beginning. We’ve already seen this shift in Facebook Ads with the introduction of the Facebook Pixel, many of you may already be remarketing with Facebook Ads to people who’ve visited your website.

This remarketing trend is only going to get more prolific with the capability of hyper-targeted online advertising, email marketing and social media advertising, allowing marketers the ability to target specific products or services, to specific people at specific times in the customer lifecycle.

As this trend grows, customers will come to expect this type of advertising. The days of the straight-forward blanket advertisement or email campaign will be well and truly gone.

A good example of this is the Real estate agent’s ‘Property Alert’. Simply sending out a weekly list of for sale or for lease properties to all or a large proportion of your database, that isn’t targeted to the buyer is a big no, no. Or worse, sending this to people who aren’t even looking to buy a property.

Database management and integrating databases with customer data is set to become a huge challenge and opportunity for the property industry in 2017 and we’re excited to see how this progresses.

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