Have you run out of ideas of where to source imagery for your socials, or do you need some inspo to add some liveliness to your social feed? Either way, we have got you covered! Here we share some of our favourite platforms and resources to make gathering imagery super easy, so you’re all set for some fabulous social posts. Dull feed? Nope, not today.



Canva is a user-friendly website, which is quick and easy to use. They have premade templates, stock images, custom images sizes suitable for all social channels and a variety of tools and features that make image sourcing and creating super simple! Canva has a free version, where many of these great features are still available and ‘Canva Pro’ paid version, where you can get access to all images and resources.


Stock Images

Now you may think stock images are cheesy or overused, but we think otherwise! Stock images are a great way to source copy-right free images for your socials, just use some unique key words specific to your brand for your searches to stand out from the crowd. Unsplash, Shutterstock and Stockvault are great ones to start with. Other professional stock image sites such as Styled Stock House, that require a subscription are also great to ensure you get exclusive images. When choosing stock images, use unique keywords associated with your brand and select the ones that go with your theme of your socials. This will ensure you have aesthetic images relevant to your company to attract the right audience!


Take And Collect Photos Yourself

Photos can be taken yourself with a good quality camera or even a smart phone with some editing. Ensure you have good lighting and focus the lens so you can clearly see the subject and take unique snaps that may be interesting to both your target and potential audiences. Inspo for taking such snapshots can be derived from Instagram’s explore page or Pinterest for example. We also recommend taking photos over time and to keep a collection in a folder for future use. That way, you will have photos ready to use in case you need them at a later period.


Repost And Share

Reposting and sharing images from other social accounts is another easy way to make a post for your socials. It is important however, that you credit the source to ensure you are not infringing their copyright. You can find amazing images to share through Instagram’s ‘explore’ page, and by using specific hashtags and geolocations to conduct your search. Sharing and crediting images taken from inspirational sites like Pinterest for example is another great way to source images for your socials. Ensure you select images that are appropriate for your page and that your client database and followers may find interesting or relatable.


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