The purpose of creating social media content is so that we can allow our followers to be engaged and feel as though they are being impacted. A good way to tell if your followers feel an impact is if they are saving your posts. The Instagram algorithm heavily relies on a user’s engagement when determining the order of posts on an individual’s feed. The number of saves on a post is a large part of how Instagram determines its level of engagement. Optimising your posts for saves can translate to more growth and more followers as it could be shown on the Instagram explore page. The save feature placed below the image in a post serves as a bookmark as you can categorise your posts in specific collections such as food, fashion, quotes or whatever you desire. We share with you some of the ways to get more of your followers saving your posts!

Jazz Up Your Captions

Treat your caption as if it were a mini blog. Writing long form captions that provide your followers with valuable information will drastically increase their chances of saving the post. Just make sure it has line breaks and flows well. Creating informative captions that involve tips or advice help your audience to stop and reflect as you are adding value to their feed. Emojis work wonders as well by making it easier for the eyes to read and adding a visual element to the words.

Content Is Queen

Infographics are an effective way to encourage engagement, as you can grab the user’s attention with quick informative content. Making sure you use eye catching colours and icons on the graphic will garner more interest and is an easy way of grouping information in a visual. Quotes are always like a warm hug to the soul! Adding quotes that are funny or inspirational can be an effective way to encourage saves, as people often like to look back on this style of content to reflect on their life. Publishing quirky content with witty humour is on trend in the millennial world! Memes or videos can be effective as users tend to save funny posts to either share to their friends or repost on their own feeds.

Call To Action

The same way you might ask your followers to like or comment on your posts. Remind them to save them too! A call to action (CTA) is necessary to promote interaction and encourage engagement. Including suggestions like “Don’t forget to save this post” can help spark a thought in the user and prompt them to save the content for future use.

Value Your Analytics

Access your analytics through Instagram’s insights feature. You can look at how many people have saved each post as well as likes, shares and comments. Study the content you have posted previously and see what style of post has the most saves. If you pick up on any patterns, continue posting the style of content that has higher engagement as your audience is more likely to save that specific style of content.


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