Who doesn’t love to indulge in some great blog content? Blogs are a great way to create a fun conversation between your brand and your audience. It creates a space for your followers to gain some knowledge in the area you focus on. Blog content helps increase traffic to your company website and engages your audience with some insightful articles.

We love writing blog articles and keeping our followers informed on all the latest digital marketing tips and tricks. We share with you how to get started on writing a blog and keeping it simple. Get blogging!


Trust us when we say brainstorms are the most important step when writing a blog. It is essential that you know what you want to write and who you want to write for. You can start by brainstorming key ideas and points to discuss throughout the blog. Understand and research what your audience is interested in. The best way to do this is to keep a track of FAQ’s from your followers so you know what everyone is curious to learn about. Observing what social media posts they respond to most helps as well. Check your facts so you are providing well informed information and stay on top of trends.

Get Cracking

Once you’ve conquered the brainstorming session it is time to start visualising how you want your blog to be written. Make an outline and think of subheadings that relate to your topic. Start by writing out bullet points under each heading. Then take a deep breath and write away! Polish your sentences and read over it a few times to check for grammar and punctuation. Use short paragraphs to break up the flow of the article to avoid making it like an essay. Make sure your introduction is succinct with what you will be focusing on in the blog.

Tone of Voice

Go easy on your readers! The language used in a blog can be conversational and should be easy to follow. Try reading your blog out loud once you have written it to see that it flows well together. Even better, get someone else to read the blog for you so you can get an opinion. It can almost be like you are talking to a friend. After all that is how you want to make your readers feel, just like friends. Check that the blog also aligns with your overall branding and how you want to present yourself to your curious readers.

Visual Cues

Images are always fun! Everyone loves a dose of visuals online. This is not vital but will surely improve the look of your blog article on your website. You can use images relating to your blog topic to spark interest and there are plenty of places to source great quality stock images from. The visual cues makes it easier for the eyes by breaking up the writing and adding some aesthetic photos.

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