Whether you’re working in digital marketing, or looking to improve your online presence, learning the jargon of the industry is essential to deepen your understanding of key methods of engagement. Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience. It serves as a highly credible and personalised link between your business and target market. Leveraging this digital marketing strategy enables you to regularly reach out to consumers with curated content that inspires and builds their connection to your brand.

Take your digital marketing strategy to the next level, and learn where to focus your energy when it comes to your email strategy. We’ve rounded up 5 email marketing terms you need to know to build loyal relationships, maximise engagement and encourage action from the recipients of your next email marketing campaign.

1. Hard  VS soft bounce 

The goal of email marketing is to reach your audience. If a campaign fails to deliver, it’s essential to diagnose what has gone wrong. Without structured reporting and review systems in place, it’s impossible to identify when emails are not being received and what you can do to resolve this.

A bounce occurs when an email fails to deliver to a recipient’s inbox. The reasons for this fall into two categories, soft or hard bounces. Hard bounces are caused by permanent factors including a non-existent and invalid email address. In the case of soft bounces, delivery fails for a non-permanent reason such as a full inbox.

By assessing why an email bounced, you can keep subscription lists accurate and up to date to ensure email marketing campaigns are focused and fruitful.

2. Drip campaign 

A highly effective email marketing tactic, drip campaigns are a must for any successful digital strategy. These campaigns involve a series of automated emails sent out based on your audience’s behaviour. This method targets those who’ve engaged with your product or service, assisting readers to move through the sales cycle.

What makes this strategy useful is its targeted approach. It uses an automated email schedule to give your audience the right information at the right time. You’ll be able to stay in touch with your readers, encourage them to explore what your brand can offer and remind them of presence on a regular basis.

3. Inbound marketing 

To optimise your strategy, it’s important to understand the potential of email as a marketing platform. Email is an accessible and cost-effective voice box for your brand. Used correctly, it can build a powerful foundation for lasting relationships between your business and its audience.

Maximise your approach by following the principals of inbound marketing, a strategy using content marketing, blogs, search engine optimisation and social media to create brand awareness and new business opportunities. Capitalise on your subscription list by offering readers a content-rich eNewsletter, exclusive additional resources or pre-launch access to upcoming products or services.

4. Open rate 

Keeping track of your email campaigns is the first step to digital marketing success. Knowing what types of content resonate with your readership will help you produce higher quality emails with lasting impact.

Understanding who is clicking on your campaigns will help to improve your email strategy. This is determined by the open rate, generated by the number of unique emails opened divided by the number of emails delivered.

5. Click-through rate 

Even more valuable, the click-through rate reveals how many people engaged with the content of your email campaigns by clicking on your content and landing on the destination URL. This goes beyond the metrics of those who merely acknowledge your email, instead indicating the performance of your email marketing strategy.

If your click-through rate drops, it might be time to update your content or adopt a new approach to reconnect with your audience. Conversely, when a click-through rate is high, this indicates a campaign’s success with your target market.

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