Are you new to the social media game? Or just confused about which platforms best serve your needs? You aren’t alone. A question we get asked all the time is, ‘what are the best social media channels for real estate agents’? Well, the answer is… it depends. It depends on the time, money and resources you have at your disposal. But it also depends on WHO your audience is.

With the power of social media growing every year it’s essential for all real estate agents to build up a strong online persona. With a multitude of platforms at our fingertips, understanding what to post where, and why, can be confusing! Read on to gain insight into how each platform operates, and which are the best for you.


Almost everyone has a Facebook page. That’s why it’s unsurprising to hear that it is the most widely used social media site. More than 2 billion people use it every month, meaning almost a third of the world’s population can be found here. The significance of Facebook’s marketing can’t be underplayed but it is important to note some new updates have changed the way this platform operates. The Facebook algorithm has been recently tweaked. How so? Well, it now really prioritises content that encourages conversation and meaningful interactions between people. Particularly family and friends. What does this mean for your business? Essentially that you want to put out genuine content to generate good traction and engagement from real followers. If your content appears at all like clickbait, has spammy links or is overly promotional, Facebook will let you know. Boosting may be disabled, or you may encounter difficulties getting content viewed by a larger audience. Steer clear of spammy content, and focus on posting genuine and engaging content only.


Are you more focused on with business to business (B2B) communication? If so, LinkedIn is the platform for you! Proven to be the number 1 channel for B2B, it drives 80% of all professional social traffic leads. If you are unfamiliar with this platform it can be described as a professional social media site for industry experts and specialists to share content, network and build their brand. Basically, it’s Facebook but for companies! Here, content that performs best concentrates on industry trends, how-to’s and thought provoking material. It’s acceptable to be self-promotional on this platform but don’t become too salesy in the process!


Instagram is a photo and video sharing app. On this platform you can share photos and videos to your followers, appearing on their feed instantly. Stories are a great way to post live, or behind the scenes content that is scrubbed from your profile after 24 hours. This allows urgent messages to be posted without ruining the appearance of your profile. But don’t worry, if you love your story there is also the option of adding it to your highlights, where it can be saved permanently at the top of your page. A bonus is the recent introduction of Instagram TV for longer videos. Tap into business insights and analytics via an Instagram business profile. All the information you could possibly need regarding your post’s engagement times, reach and popularity is stored here.

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