Instagram is one of the largest and most prominent social media platforms when it comes to online marketing. As a hub for images and videos Instagram is an important tool for real estate agents looking to tell their brand story and get people interested. If you’re serious about making a mark on Instagram with your business this year, then maybe it’s time to switch to a business profile? There are many perks that come with a business profile on Instagram, and we’d love to share them with you!

Instagram insights

Data is important, especially when it comes to marketing a business. With a personal Instagram account, you can only conclude the performance of your profile with a quick glance at your likes and comments. However, with a business profile, you will have access to Instagram Insights. Instagram Insights is an analytics platform that will give you data on engagement, impressions and audience demographics.

Information on the demographics of your Instagram audience can be very useful as a real estate agent. The types of people interacting with your posts ultimately reflect the types of people that are interested in working with you. The data available through Instagram Insights will not only help you target your social content towards a relevant audience, it will also help you to understand your demographics on a larger scale.

Running ads

Last year Instagram brought in around $20 billion in ad revenue, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be a part of that success. Instagram Ads are not available to personal accounts, so you’ll need a business profile to be able to make use of this tool. Instagram is a visual platform which will allow you to get the most out of the beautiful images of the properties you want to sell and lease. Not only can Instagram Ads increase the amount of exposure you have as an agent or agency, it is also targeted towards a relevant demographic specific to age, location and even interests.

For example, a carousel ad that features a handful of your best on the market properties could be included in the feed of someone who has recently been house hunting in that area. People want to see what’s available, so use your business Instagram profile to show them.

Looking professional

You know that you’re a professional agent, but your social media audience needs to know that too. There are currently well over 25 million business profiles on Instagram which means the status quo says that any real business must have one. Once you set up or switch to a business account your profile will slightly change to visually set you apart from every other average account. The main difference is the inclusion of a contact button that gives users the option to instantly call the business right from your business profile. This simple addition makes you easily reachable and solidifies you as a functioning business on social media.

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