When it comes to building an effective online presence, consistency is key. Providing your audience with engaging content all year round can be difficult and time consuming, which is why we always recommend playing to seasonal content if you’re stuck on your next post. Seasonal content is that which aligns with the seasons of your target audience. For example, in Australia for Christmas you wouldn’t want to be seen posting those white Christmas shots! Unless for inspo, of course. We recommend keeping it real and giving your followers exactly what they follow you for.

We are keeping it real here and giving you seasonal content tips for a typical year in Australia.


The Australian summer is really like no other, so why not leverage this to create some engaging content for your followers?

Posting photos of beaches, picnics, coastal walks, or outdoor adventures is bound to catch the eye of the curious Instagrammer looking for some summer inspo. Take it a step further and create polls on your social media stories! Use a photo editing app to edit two sunny locations side by side and watch the engagement on your account grow as your followers guess what each location is called. If you want to go completely professional, make this a weekly occurrence so that your followers know where to go for their summer inspiration every single week. This will increase the consistency of engagement on your channels AND give you enough content to re-post all summer long.

Don’t forget the MVP of this season… Christmas! Promoting Christmas and the New Year in your content will keep your viewers connected to your accounts through the holiday season.

Autumn leaves

As autumn hits, we find that most of our followers are well and truly back in the old 9-5 working routine. Use this to your advantage and post relatable content that will get your fellow hard workers through the day! Little snippets of news, trivia, or holiday inspo will go down a treat.

Autumn is also all about aesthetic, with autumn leaves dropping all around us there are plenty of beautiful earthy tones that you can include in your social media feeds.

Winter is coming

Hibernation mode, activated.

Winter is a great time to give your audience some indoor activity inspo. Think arts & crafts or give tips on what is new and exciting on Netflix this season. This time of year is the perfect time to build a relationship with your audience, as most people will be choosing the indoor activities (e.g. scrolling through social media) over the outdoor ones. Don’t forget that the winter school holidays will be happening during this period too, so promo those school holiday activities like there is no tomorrow! One thing is for certain, no matter the demographic of your following, people ALWAYS respond well to content that provides value.

Spring has sprung

Oh spring, you beautiful thing.

Spring is a wonderful time to ease back into the outdoors and get some exercise happening before summer hits again. As the year begins to wind down, the spring months tend to fly by without warning. Taking the time to reflect on the year that has been is always a beautiful idea in this season, and one that your following will appreciate as they speed toward the end of another year. Providing your following with quality places to Christmas shop, local eats, or the best spots to watch New Years firework celebrations is a great way to allow your audience time to get themselves ready for the months ahead.

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