Social media has become the go-to space to build a credible brand online. It is no secret that the first place people check to see if you are someone they want to work with will be your social media accounts, we’re sure you’ve done this too! So, it is extremely important to have a set of tools that will enhance your personal brand online and keep your followers coming back for more. 

Consistency is everything!

Keeping your branding consistent is key for building trust and relationships with your followers. Before you begin your personal branding journey, you really need to put the hours into fleshing out who you are. Determine what you want to be known for online and play into that when creating your digital strategy. Asking your audience for recommendations on the kind of content they want to see will assist in developing a consistent brand that you can both sustain long term, but also that you can present to your audience with confidence knowing that what you are providing them is what they’re wanting to receive. 

Know your vibe

What is your aesthetic? Knowing your brand’s aesthetic is imperative when it comes to building a consistent brand online. You need to have any logos, fonts, graphics, templates, and any other branding content for your business completely fleshed out before you start posting your content. This is especially important for Instagram as this is a visual communication method, and a great opportunity to show your professionalism through consistency here. 

Take note of the pros

Don’t be afraid to take some notes out of the books of the professionals in your industry. Researching the top dogs in your field and having a good look through the strategy they’re using for their online brand won’t go astray when it comes to shaping your personal brand. We absolutely aren’t condoning being a copycat here, but if you know what content and branding your target audience is really taking to through the other industry professionals in your field, then you have a base to jump board off for your own ideas. Get creative and be original, this will make you stand out against your competitors and give you an edge when it comes time for your target audience to choose who they’re giving their attention to.

Building relationships is key

Responding to each one of your comments and DMs is time consuming but will make all the difference when it comes to putting your personal brand front of mind in your consumers decision making process. Embracing networking is something that will help you out in the long run, especially if you are in the field of real estate. Generating leads from social media and your personal brand online is not a speeding race, it is a marathon. You need to allow time and consistency to work its magic on your following. 

Grow baby, grow!

Growing your online presence is a big one when it comes to enhancing your personal brand online. Although it may seem vain, your follower growth is a great statistic to keep an eye on to see if the content you are putting out into the digital world is being well received by your audience. A higher follower count will also look great to new audience members that want to buy your brand, this gives you credibility and shows that you are in this for the long run.

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