How often do you search past page one of Google? If your answer is never, you are part of 91% of people who don’t. Knowing how to make Google love your content by getting your page as close to the top of the search as possible is all about knowing what Google loves, and applying it. So let’s talk about how to optimise that content ASAP.

1. Optimise your website for SEO best practice 

• Add useful, fresh content regularly
• Get links from popular, related websites coming into your site
• Add relevant outbound links to other websites within your site
• Increase your popularity in social media links to your website
• Reduce page load time: Images and content which take too long to load will lose your audience before it’s loaded
• Reduce your bounce rate: You want to keep people looking through as much of your website as possible, your bounce rate show you what percentage of website visitors have come to your website and left straight away – without browsing through any other content. Links, call to actions and popup boxes can increase your bounce rate. So weigh up the benefit of these pop-ups versus potentially sending people away from your website
• Increase your ‘time on page’ rates: The longer people are your web pages, the more Google will like your website, which could increase your search engine ranking
• Ensure your website is mobile friendly – At least 60% of your website traffic may be coming from mobile, if these people aren’t able to use your website easily, they will most likely leave.

2. Use the correct keywords

Using keywords doesn’t only boost your search engine ranking, but allows your audience to connect with your website content.

Be wary though of ‘keyword stuffing’ which is using one word over and over in your content. Google will penalise your page if it thinks that particular words are being overused. Look at semantics for your particular keywords and content. Words which relate to what you are writing about and keyword phrases (2-4 words) relevant to your content can be added to your site to help build a list of relevant keywords.

Here are some handy keywords tools;

3. Think like your audience 

By putting yourself in your audiences’ shoes, you think like, and about, them and how they are using search to find what they are looking for. Remember that not everyone in your target audience is at the same stage of the customer lifecycle when looking for results on search engines. You want to be able to catch your audience at all different levels.

At the beginning of their search journey they are looking for a general problem to be solved, as they become more aware of what they are looking for, their search becomes more defined and specific. A good way to think like your audience is to write out the questions one would ask from the very start of their search, and as this is answered, what question would be next.

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