We know the question is on all your minds right now… what on earth is the IDFA?? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! IDFA stands for Identifier For Advertisers and it is an identifier assigned to a person’s device used to track a user in order to deliver customized advertising to them.

As part of the iOS 14 update, Apple has recently announced that users will have the choice to block the IDFA on the app level. This might sound worrying to some businesses and advertisers, but we assure you it is not the end of the world.

How Will This Update Affect Advertising

Once this update is officially put into place a pop up will require every app to get explicit permission from the user before tracking them, meaning it is more than likely that audiences will opt out of the IDFA.

The use of lookalike audiences and the ability to measure the performance of advertisers will likely be impacted by this sudden lack of data. Audience targeting and retargeting will also be affected for these same reasons. The option to opt out of location based targeting is particularly important for the real estate industry, who often use their core suburbs as a basis for their online advertising audiences.

Overall, Apple have introduced this change to strengthen the privacy of its users, which is a good thing for all of us. Although, it will most likely create some hurdles for online advertisers. Luckily, we specialise in online marketing and are happy to let you know that there are still ways to target the right audience after users start clicking the opt-out of IDFA button.

How Can Businesses And Advertisers Overcome This Change?

You’ll be happy to know that contextual ad targeting is still active and can be used instead of location targeting. What is contextual targeting? It’s simply advertising to people based off the web pages they visit. For example, when you google your favourite celebrity you may start seeing ads for their new perfume pop up. When it comes to real estate, advertisers and marketers like us will still be able to target people who are actively searching for real estate, which is arguably more important than location targeting.

Creating valuable and shareable content is the next best way to combat this. By placing focus on developing engaging content such as fun videos, relatable quotes and posts with personal touches, your audience will be more likely to share your content and do the advertising work for you. Remember, the peers of your current audience are just as valuable to your business as the people who follow you. People influence people!

So how are you going to ensure that your content is hitting the mark? The best way is by hiring professionals to do the job for you. At Chronicle Republic we help real estate agents and agencies bring their brands to life through impressive social media and content marketing. Through the recent Apple changes, and all the changes that will inevitably come in the future…marketing professionals exist to push your business over the line.

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