Overwhelmed by the time it takes to manage your social media channels and create content? If you aren’t sure what you should be focusing on, or how to deliver quality content daily don’t worry. We’ve got the process down to fine art and we are here to share with you the 5 ways to speedy social media management.

Have a game plan

Staying on top of everything can create a lot of pressure. Between likes, comments, questions and the occasional posting mishap, knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. Develop a game plan for how you want to tackle the task each day. Choose a time of day and set aside an hour for all your social media admin. Once you have a time of day blocked out to try to develop a routine. This routine should involve: checking for comments, inviting people to like your page, and managing your inbox. After that, run through your feed for any rogue hashtags, locations or captions that need fixing up. A great way to remember everything is to develop a short checklist, and once everything is crossed off, step away from the keyboard! Remember, we want to do this in 15 minutes so unless it’s an emergency, your work here is done (for today, that is).

Schedule ahead

If you want to keep your audience actively engaged, consistency is key. Posting regularly, whether that be weekly or even daily, can be a fantastic way to encourage growth. But with everyone leading such busy lives, it’s no surprise that finding the time to post can create a lot of anxiety. Don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting you need to create and execute content every morning. Instead, make the most of scheduling tools such as Sked or Facebook’s native scheduler! Take a moment to plan your posts, giving each one a thorough review before you let the tools work their magic and queue up your content. Be active all day long, without always having to be online.

Be engaged

Social media is about generating two way dialogue with your audience through a shared interest in your services. Don’t neglect the most important part of the process: human interaction! People want to know they are being heard, so make it your goal to respond to everyone, whether it be with a like, or a quick thank you message. Showing you are approachable and interested in your audience will encourage them to interact with your content on a regular basis.


Whilst having quality content is the primary concern, without an audience, even brilliant posts won’t receive any attention. Strengthen your following by reaching out to pages that might be interested in your work. Like and comment on their posts, and in general be active in areas your audience are likely to be found online. The more you create meaningful connections, the further your presence will spread.

Use your analytics

Don’t leave your social media management up to chance. It’s no coincidence that certain strategies will result in a growing number of followers, likes and eventually, business opportunities. There should be a method to the madness when managing your social media, specifically regarding the time and type of posts that are most popular with your following. Utilise the insights section of your Facebook and Instagram profiles. Here, you will find all the statistics you need for informed posting decisions.

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