Ever thought about if your social media posts are getting enough reach? Are your target audiences seeing your content on their social feeds? Well sometimes it does not end up on their feed. This is due to organic reach not being the most effective when you are starting out with a small following base. We help you get the best return on investment for your social media strategy with our tips on paid marketing and the importance of boosting. Lets kick off!

The Benefits

What is paid marketing you ask? It is a method of displaying sponsored ads on social media news feeds as the user is scrolling past posts or viewing stories. It will have a “sponsored” tag above the post specifying that it is being promoted to you. Paid marketing is essential to make the most of the content that you have taken the time to create. The reason why it is called boosting a post is due to the nature of literally increasing the amount of engagement it receives which organic marketing does not provide. It helps you reach a larger audience and get new eyes looking at your socials. So what are you waiting for?

Target Your Tribe

With the feature of sponsored posts, you can target an audience that can be as broad as you wish or as niche as possible. The option of detailed targeting in Facebook ads manager provides the purpose of reaching out to people that resonate with your brand, live in a specific location, are of interest in a bracket of demographics, as well as breaking into categories of certain likes and dislikes. Paid marketing is nothing without a great target audience!

Boost Away Your Budget

Having a budget is always necessary! Plan the amount of costs your company can afford monthly and set aside budget spend for Facebook and Instagram advertising. It is essential to understand what budget is available for your social media marketing and how you want to utilise it across the platforms. Ideally it would be good to boost each Facebook post for $10 for the duration of 5-7 days which is only a rough guide. If you can boost for a higher amount, then go for it! One hot tip: don’t use a high budget for a small duration. For example, spending $100 within two days won’t achieve the best results, as the paid sponsorship may take up to one day to optimise on a platform.

Like My Page

Page like ads are a great way to invite more people to your Facebook page, prompting them to like it. This marketing method will allow a fresh audience to join your online community and build a larger following with the touch of a like button. It is such a simple yet effective way! All you have to do is choose an objective, set a budget and duration, target an audience, select a quality photo and add some copy, all done easily in Facebook ads manager. Once you publish your campaign, just wait and watch your results! Keep a track of how much of your budget is being spent and if you need to adjust the campaign ad set to better target your audience.

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