A new wave of platform updates has hit the constantly changing world of social media. The great news is… we are loving them: primarily, the introduction of Facebook’s Creator Studio. This promises to make the way brands and marketers interact with Facebook, Instagram and IGTV more user friendly. Having checked out the new platform, we can’t help but agree. With Creator Studio revolutionising the way content can be accessed, created and scheduled, we are excited to break down these updates for you!

Desktop accessibility

The arrival of Facebook’s Creator Studio is the hero brands and marketers not only wanted, but needed. It is common knowledge that most social media platforms, particularly Instagram and IGTV, require heavy mobile usage. To get the best quality posts, access to a mobile device was essential. Even though most companies prefer working through a desktop, they were unable to schedule content, or even create it, on a desktop. Until now! Creator Studio is a desktop-friendly platform solution that means marketers will not only save time, but will also be able to work more effectively across multiple accounts. What’s even better is that all you need to do, is simply link your Instagram account to your Facebook Page. Once that’s sorted, open Creator Studio and start creating, uploading and scheduling content – but more on that later! Simply drag and drop images from your library and let the magic unfold.


Scheduling content was next to impossible without the use of third party apps such as Hootsuite or Sked Social but once again, Creator Studio has come to the rescue (especially given the fact that most of these third party-tools had no access or options to account for IGTV publishing). Creator Studio not only allows making, publishing and editing IGTV posts, but you can now queue them to post later. How convenient is that! Not to mention this is all, of course, accessible via desktop now!

Direct messaging

The great platform updates don’t just stop at content either. As well as fantastic new ways to create and publish posts, Instagram is looking to increase the meaningful conversations conducted on their app. They have heard the feedback from brands in relation to the limitations regarding the accessibility of direct messaging. Instagram direct messages will now be supported through the Creator Studio. So what does this mean? Essentially businesses can now manage their incoming and outgoing direct messages via their desktop natively. Basically, like your Facebook inbox!

Slight rebranding

The only platform update unrelated to Creator Studio is Facebook’s sudden interest in rebranding. Facebook acquiring Instagram and WhatsApp is nothing new. While this is mostly common knowledge, Facebook is looking to make this even more widely known. You can see this focus reflected in little changes such as Instagram’s homepage reading ‘Instagram From Facebook.’ But the question is why? Initially done to combat the backlash they have been receiving regarding transparency, there is also a more exciting, secondary reason: the upcoming integration of messaging. Currently, the future of messaging on the platform is still not clear. So stay tuned for what this might mean!

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