Digital marketing is everchanging and trends are very important for businesses to keep an eye on. As we are approaching 2021 we can expect a wave of new social media trends. Brands must keep on top of their social media and digital marketing strategies to stay in the game and keep a hold of their online communities.

Conversational Marketing

Conversations are turning out to be more important than ever. Conversational marketing involves connecting with real stories and creating an authentic brand for you and your company. The analytics platform Talkwalker makes a prediction that 2021 will put conversational marketing at the forefront. Some of the methods to be applied include engaging customers through conversations, using chatbots, social messaging, calls and more. This one to one approach will help capitalise on personal relationships with customers. Talkwalker is also predicting a movement back to old school marketing for social media like podcasts and newsletters which is easy to consume by audiences.

Information engagement is the way to go! It is all about building connections and initiating conversations that your audience feel like they are a part of. Social issues drive a great amount of engagement as they spark interest among your followers and provide something relevant to comment on. At the end of the day social media is a social platform after all so humanising it with an authentic brand voice should be your ultimate goal.


Podcasts are more popular than ever with a growing community of listeners. This portable audio content is readily available to listen to while working, commuting, exercising or doing house chores. It is ideal for people who have busy lifestyles and don’t have the time to sit down and read an article or watch an interview video. There is a range of podcasts available for everyone covering topics from business to health, beauty, comedy and politics. Brands can create podcasts relating to a certain topic that is in the news or a particular topic relating to the industry they are part of to further engage their followers.

Live Content

Broadcasting live streams has become a rising new trend especially in 2020 with Covid restrictions. Live content provides a great avenue for people to tune in from across the world allowing for a greater reach. A lot of livestreams have included Q&A sessions with a panel, behind the scenes videos, interviews with industry experts and launching of products. It makes the viewers feel as if they are present there in real time and the excitement of being able to interact by typing in comments or questions as the live stream happens.

Short-Form Video

Short-form video content has become the star of marketing over the past few years. Instagram Reels, Tik Toks, Youtube Shorts and Facebook Short Videos have all played a major role in content marketing and the way audiences has consumed digital media. These videos that last the duration of 15-60 seconds with exciting elements like music, voiceovers, texts and stickers create visually appealing content.

This is perfect for consumers that have a short attention span and don’t show interest for more than a few seconds. You can create hard hitting content and grab the attention of your audiences for the entire duration of your video when your shorten the length. It is time to start thinking about enhancing the visual experience for your followers if you haven’t already.

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