Video content has always been a very important part of digital marketing and social media strategies as it is the best way to engage audiences. The consumption of video content in such large quantities has increased over the past few months due to COVID. It is now essential that all real estate agents and agencies include video marketing as part of their content strategies.

We share with you our tips on how to create exceptional video content that can lead to an increase of your reach on social media.

Video perks

In order to stand out from the crowd, making exciting video content is necessary to spark a curiosity within your clients. The format of video allows audiences to interact with you on a deeper and personal level as they get an insight into what your company is like. This builds trust and credibility on your work, forming stronger client relationships. Displaying your company branding through engaging videos is more effective than using simple images or stock photos that don’t necessarily tell the full story.

Storytelling in a unique way is so important when it comes to building brand personality. Short form videos are a great way to create hard hitting content with interesting visuals that are easy to remember. The amazing thing about video is the fact that you can utilise so many features such as music, transitions, voiceovers and informative text to enhance the quality of the product. Another thing to note is 85% of people watch Facebook videos on mute, so they must be captioned if there is dialogue.

Engaging audiences

Audiences know how to gauge whether something is worth watching and if they will be engaged with the content produced. Make sure you lead your video with the best visuals or an interesting introduction slide. The first 5-10 seconds are extremely crucial in grabbing the viewer’s attention as they have a short attention span. This will determine whether they want to continue watching the video or exit out of it. If you manage to create engaging videos, it can increase the duration of time spent on your profile and direct traffic to your website.

Real estate agents must come up with creative ideas to showcase and highlight their property listings. Creating a short video series on the different features within the property can be a great way to unleash sneak peaks and garner interest. Virtual home tours are the new go to for property videos considering the current social climate. Adding some trendy music to heighten the sensory experience along with stunning visuals is a great option for those who want to create simple yet effective content.

Professional content

Investing in good technology is paramount to capturing the best quality content. Whether it is using the latest smartphone or a DSLR camera, it is worth going the extra mile to engage clients. A video microphone is required for good sound if you plan on recording your voice live or for a voiceover later in the editing process.

Ensure that you have great lighting whether it is natural sunlight or if you are using any film lights or ring lights. This is essential to reduce any shadows and prevent the video from looking dull. A tripod would be essential for steady footage and levelling the height if you are shooting consistently in one angle. Unless you are doing a video walk through of your property then it would be necessary to shoot your video at a slow and steady pace.

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