Due to COVID19, the current social climate is in an ever-changing state. This has proven to be a confusing phase for real estate agents to navigate. Particularly, in terms of understanding how to continue their normal business activities. When it comes to digital marketing, there are several approaches one can take in response to the new lifestyle changes. Allowing agents to continue being active online.

We are here to let you know some of the Dos and Don’ts of social media for real estate agents and agencies.

What to avoid

Offering personal opinions on the COVID situation is a big NO as it’s not a real estate agent’s place to do so. Best to avoid sharing any information unless updating customers on how you are doing business or changes directly affecting them. No matter how harmless you think it may be, it is not necessary.

Don’t share memes, jokes, tips regarding COVID itself unless it is specifically about real estate and there is a good enough reason to do so. The last thing you want to do is offend or hurt someone’s sentiments during this sensitive period.

Panic posting is another thing to steer away from. No one wants to be bombarded with constant posts about how you are pivoting and updating your business every day. Send out succinct communications and limit your post frequency to 1 or 2 content pieces per week maximum.

Show don’t tell

The idea of ‘show don’t tell’ is a tip we regularly post about and it applies to COVID too. Show your clients how you’ve adapted to the situation, don’t just tell them. Some of the things you can do are demo online auctions, take photos at inspections and entrance hygiene set ups as well as showcase your virtual tours. Show the behind the scenes of how you are managing it which will lead to further interest in the business and property listings.

It is also important to remember to keep posting adequately whilst pivoting your messaging. There’s enough negativity online instigating fear among individuals. Send positive messages and reassure people. Let them know you are there to help and how they can reach you.

Report of the market

The last thing you want to do right now is pretend it’s business as usual and that the market is bouncing along as normal. It may be the case in your local market but might not be the case for others in different regions and circumstances. It is essential to report on your local market and do so regularly to keep your online audiences up to date with changes to the local community.

Keep your future sellers and buyers in the loop of what’s happening locally up to the minute and share examples. This way you can build a good relationship with your clients on social media and gain their trust.

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