There is no doubt about it, everyone goes wild over a good quality stock image. We know what you’re thinking – are they serious? It’s cheap, it’s tacky, it’s a 1999 Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. That is where you’re wrong! A new world of stock imagery has arrived with the turn of the 21st century and it has really turned up to the party.

Not only does stock imagery brighten your social media feed but it also lends you a hand when it comes to creating a consistent brand for yourself. It can be incredibly useful in developing campaigns, giving inspiration to your re-design, or even just providing some easy scroll-through content for your down time. With stock images by the millions online, we can’t tell you how useful it can be to utilise this valuable tool to leverage an aesthetic for your social media content.

Unsure where to start looking for some life-enhancing stock photos? We’ve got you covered with our top 5 favourite stock imagery providers.

1. Unsplash

Beautiful, user friendly, and completely free! Unsplash is a great way to get acquainted with the power of high-quality stock imagery. Don’t forget to credit the artists and photographers providing you with the imagery when you can, or at least shoot them a like on your way out the door.

2. Sergey Filimonov (@sergefilimonov)

If you’re like us {self-confessed stock imagery buffs}, you will know the beauty and satisfaction of finding independent creative stock imagery providers on social media and giving them some well-deserved credit. Sergey Filimonov gives us eclectic art in their photos, and we are really vibing it. If you’re into conceptual photography and block pastel colours then look no further.

3. Pexels

Did someone say free downloads? Back at it with the high-quality content for a very achievable price tag, Pexels has proven to be the place to go for some stunning stock image backdrops. If you’re looking for interiors inspiration, some motivation to cook, or some absolutely adorable dog pics, we recommend giving Pexels your time.

4. Shutterstock

Take this route if you’re a serious stock imager that needs the world of stock imagery at their fingertips. Although Shutterstock can be costly, there is no going past the incredibly diverse and vast range of stock imagery that can be found here. If you’re a business owner, or someone who finds themselves using stock imagery consistently, don’t hesitate to make the investment into this stock image kingdom.

5. Chelsea Cavanaugh (@Chelseammc)

Honestly, who doesn’t appreciate a good quality flat lay! Your girl Chelsea Cavanaugh has it covered. Be warned, looking at her stunning photographs will bring on a hunger like you haven’t experienced before. Bright, colourful, crisp, quirky shots of all kinds of food, beauty, beverage, and more – Chelsea Cavanaugh is a Queen among our stock image family. Check her skills out at Ted and Chelsea.

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