Just when you thought you’d caught up with the latest Facebook changes, they decide to drop Watch. But why should you watch out for it?

We know that video has taken over and we have seen a drastic difference in engagement levels between animated content and still images – video simply has a greater power to spark conversation, connect people and cultivate a community. With an astounding 500 million people now watching video on Facebook every day, Watch is a direct response to this trend, and perhaps the new way of digesting digital video content.

So what’s the fuss?

Watch has a number practical features that completely change the way users view videos on the social media platform. Here are just a few:

  • Watchlist: a customisable collection of all video content from users’ friends, followed pages, followed groups and followed people in one place – a video ‘hub’ so to speak.
  • Recommended content: based on a user’s Watchlist, Facebook will make recommendations for other videos they may be interested in.
  • Watch Later: Facebook users are now able to categorise videos into a ‘watch later’ list directly from their newsfeed to their Watch page.
  • Live: It’s now easier than ever for users to catch live videos on Facebook so they can discuss and engage with the event in real-time as if they were there themselves.
  • Show Pages: Similar to YouTube Red and even likening to the larger movement, Netflix, Facebook have introduced Show Pages, where users can find episodes – recorded or live – following a consistent theme, such as daily vlogs and weekly cooking shows.

What’s coming?

Facebook is leading the way in innovative video experiences by bringing the functionality of interactive video platforms such as Vidpresso, which they recently purchased in August 2018, to drive user engagement even further. Their goal is to provide new video experiences, such as ‘Watch Parties’, named by Facebook themselves, focussed on viewer participation and interaction with video – think trivia shows!

What does this mean for your business?

With a huge push for video content, this is the not-so-subtle sign that video content should be at the top of your priority list. Your followers and potential customers are after quick animated pieces of content so be sure you have the digital food to feed them. The watch will essentially provide more opportunity for your great video content to be viewed by more people than ever before!

Additionally, Facebook is rolling out Ad Break, allowing you to insert mid-roll and pre-roll ads into their videos. If you meet the certain criteria that Facebook has put in place, you could start generating another revenue stream from your Facebook videos.

All things considered, video is no longer the future, it is now, and you need to make sure you keep up to stay relevant! If you’re uncertain of where to begin with your social media presence, contact us today so we can help you create a unique and recognisable brand identity online.

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