Social media advertising plays a crucial role in building a strong online presence. To be successful on social media you need to invest in putting a budget behind your posts as only 3-4% of your followers will see your posts if you don’t.

Boosting your posts will enhance the engagement received and make sure it is getting all the eyeballs. Dedicating a budget to Instagram and Facebook ads will do wonders for your exposure. We share our top tips on successfully navigating social media advertising for your business.

Paid promotions

Organic reach is simply not enough, only a small percentage of your followers actually see your posts and engage with the content. You need to utilise paid promotions along with valuable content to achieve the best outcome for your social media profile. An advantage of social media ads is that they can turn visitors into leads and new customers, directing more traffic to your website.

Your budget will depend on the size of your company, what is feasible financially and how many social media channels you wish to advertise on. Some small businesses might spend $100 on both Facebook and Instagram but bigger companies could go higher. You can use a higher budget for more important posts like special awards, announcements or videos that have performed well before, which in turn will increase your relevancy score. The relevancy score is the score assigned for posts based on who sees it on their social media feeds.

Page like ads are a useful tool to build your brand in the community as these ads prompt your target audiences to like the business page. A recommended budget for this would be around $100 to boost your page followers. It is important to monitor the cost per result as you need to make sure you are not spending too much without getting any results. A tip to get the best ad campaign for page likes would be to tweak the scheduling of the post and test different images to see what your audience responds to more.


Once you decide to put a budget behind your posts the timing of when to boost is crucial. Timing is important as it changes the cost of your ads depending on the time of the day and what season it is. Knowing what day and time your audience is online is also essential to increase the effectiveness of your ads and target active users.

A consistent posting schedule with high-quality images and consistent boosts is a great start to increasing your reach over a specific period of time. Something to note is not to overspend in a short duration as it takes at least one day to optimise the ad budget. For example, boosting an ad for $200 over 2 days would not allow it to be used effectively.


Detailed targeting of audiences helps deliver your ads to the right people and increase brand awareness for future opportunities. The right audience targeting will eventually lead to potential new customers. You can edit your audiences based on the people in your local area, age, gender and interests.

This will further help with boosting the engagement of your curated posts to a larger audience who will actually see the posts, ensuring your posts are not going to waste. Targeting to the right audience is ultimately doing yourself a favour by trying to get the content you spent a great amount of time creating to the people who will actually be interested in seeing it.

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