It’s no secret that the world is increasing being driven by technology. It seems each day there are new devices coming to the market. All these tools are supposed to make our lives easier. But as an agent knowing what’s worth all the hype can be confusing, especially when it comes to apps! Don’t let navigating the digital space overwhelm you, read our blog to learn what apps are essential for agents!


As a personal favourite of ours, we can’t recommend Canva enough! This app is a great way to design social media graphics. Create custom images on the go and benefit from their wide range of ready-made templates. Build posters, flyers, pamphlets, banners and much more, all on your phone! If you’re searching for some more real estate friendly designs, watch our page closely as our custom templates for agents and property managers will be hitting our website soon. By using Canva, you can keep your social media presence consistent, customised and professional without sacrificing hours of your time.


Find yourself short on time? Productivity apps for agents are definitely worth the download. This software monitors all your phone activity and compiles the data to track your active windows, web page visits and program usage to give you a greater understanding of how you spend time on your phone throughout the day. Sign up for the premium to receive not only the monitoring service, but more advanced features such as measuring breaks, phone calls and meetings. Set yourself on-screen reminders and website blocking features to keep you focused on your tasks.


Surveying rooms can be a tedious task, but someone has to do it! Take the pain out of measuring floor plans with Roomscan. The best part is that it’s easy to use. Simply tap your phone to each adjacent wall and in less than a minute the app will have determined the spatial dimensions of each wall. This will then be fed through the software to create a floor plan of the room. Time to throw that measuring tape away!


Looking for an app for agents developed by agents? Spotio is the answer! Use Spotio to access prospector addresses and potential contacts with ease. Available on both Android and iPhone, and all notes and entries can be exported to PDF or Excel sheets.

Apple Podcasts

With so much of your day spent in the car, Apple podcasts are a great way to make the most of your travel time. Learn new skills, listen to market updates or just top up your daily motivation by listening to the best in the industry. Be inspired and stay ahead of the competition by knowing your stuff. If you want a listen of our favourite real estate related podcasts, be sure to head over to our blog and start listening today!


If you are running, or are part of, a realtor team, staying on top of all your work can be a time consuming process. Don’t let filing get the better of you! Download Dropbox and manage multiple documents on a cloud-based system. All your files can be instantly synced when edited, and are accessible to the whole team, provided they have connected their devices too. Make collaboration convenient and cut down on all the back and forth.

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