To be your best, you have to push yourself to constantly keep learning but finding the time to put it into practice can be a challenge.

What if we told you that extending your skills didn’t have to be time-consuming? You could even learn while travelling to work, on your morning run or in the car between appointments!

The solution is simple: start listening to the top real estate podcasts!

Podcasts are one of the easiest, most engaging and effective ways to get more knowledge instantly. Thankfully, the real estate world has embraced podcasts wholeheartedly. Now you can delve deep into what it takes to succeed as an agent without feeling like you’re losing valuable time.

Interested? Great, because we’ve put together a list of our 10 all-time favourite real estate podcasts to get you started!

Secrets of the Top 100 Agents – Real Estate Business 

Editor of Real Estate Business, Tim Neary, hosts this fantastic podcast. Episodes centre on what it takes to be a top agent in Australia. Featuring agents from the top 100 list, property stylists and occasionally marketers (including our Director Tiffany Wilson) you are sure to learn all things real estate in no time!

The Adrian Bo Podcast – Adrian Bo

Adrian Bo has been a leading agent in Australia for 30 years. Now he’s spilling his expertise on what it takes to get consistently great results in such a competitive industry. But he doesn’t stop at real estate, offering invaluable insights into all things personal development this podcast is more than a real estate recommendation, it’s a lifestyle recommendation.

Top Agents Playbook – Ray Wood

Founder and CEO of Bestagents, Ray Wood brings you the Top Agents Playbook podcast. Each episode a different top agent is interviewed, offering their own fresh and exciting perspectives gained from years of real-life experience in the market. Our Director Tiffany Wilson talks to Ray about ‘Why Facebook is perfect for agents’

Elevate – Elite Agent  

Run by leading industry publication Elite Agent with host Samantha McLean, this podcast recaps the real estate world each week and is your go-to source for real estate industry news. Addressing topics like market analysis, cryptocurrency and general advice on how to navigate the emerging trends, listening to this podcast will keep you on top of the competition.

Real Estate Pros – Stepps

With guests like Ian Campbell, CEO of Aire, and Lee Woodward, founder of Real Estate Academy, it should come as no surprise this is a podcast not to be missed. Hosted by Josh Cobb, founder of Stepps, each week the importance of content marketing in real estate is examined through industry trends and the expert knowledge every guest has to offer. A fresh approach to an aspect of property promotion that’s expanding rapidly.

The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience – Tom Ferry

Recognised as the leading educator in real estate, and in our opinion life, Tom Ferry’s podcast is all about finding your potential. Tom offers industry know-how, paired with a healthy dose of motivation and support when you might be feeling a little lost. Each episode is brimming with industry tips and personal enlightenment. Becoming a success has never sounded like so much fun!

Unlisted – Brad Inman

It’s not surprising to hear that real estate is a constantly changing game. Stay ahead of the competition with Brad Inman’s tips on how to become the ‘agent of the future’ today. Brad encourages agents to focus on the bigger picture when it comes to buying and selling in a technologically savvy marketplace. If you’re worried your strategies are becoming outdated check out Unlisted immediately. Brad Inman is the owner and CEO of Inman, a global real estate industry publication and events company, bringing thousands of real estate professionals together each year.

Real Estate Today Radio

Want to learn more about industry trends, increasing home value and the secrets to successful selling? Then look no further than the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) episodes. Hosted by Stephen Gasque, this podcast is great for novices and experts alike.

YES Talk – Kevin Ward

Get coached on how to become the best agent in the industry by an expert. This real estate podcast is all about motivating you to see obstacles as opportunities! Host Kevin Ward is a professional real estate coach with his own successful book, The Book of YES. Each episode Kevin breaks down his sales strategies, even offering realtor scripts for tricky conversations.

Keeping it Real – Real Geeks

Are you a new real estate agent? Finding a mentor can be challenging, which is why D.J. Paris and Kale Realty are here for you. Let them navigate you through what it takes to make it and where to find a mentor that will elevate you to that next level. Listen to successful agents tell you what they wish they knew when entering the business, and how they excelled in their careers.

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