As the real estate award season draws to a close, you may have struck it lucky with some finalist nominations (or even a win) under your belt! Not only are these achievements great for your personal motivation, they are also a huge selling point to the general public. So how do you make the most of your success? Read our top tips for leveraging your award win.

Social media

The first port of call should be letting your friends, family members and followers in on the exciting news. Social media is a great way to alert all your nearest and dearest, whilst also strengthening your personal profile with a few simple clicks of your mouse. Update your cover image to display any badges you might have received. If you didn’t get any official badges, still feel free to create your own simple graphic banner detailing your award titles. Don’t forget to include this in all your social bios. Make sure to list any wins in the ‘Achievements’ section of your LinkedIn profile. Don’t be afraid to post about it more than once. We recommend about one post a month for at least three months.

Paid promotion

What better promotion is there than good results? Which is why you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to use this success as the launchpad for creating a larger scale marketing campaign. Whether it was ‘Best Agency in NSW’, ‘Sales Agent of the Year’ or something similar, try to make this the central message. Promote it with advertising mediums such as local advertising. This includes everything from billboards, signage to papers. Make sure the word is out in your community by updating any of your ongoing signage, especially in areas you currently rent such as sporting fields. Get creative and design new brochures or flyers to hand out at your opens, or even do a letter box drop. Be sure to create some Facebook and Instagram ads promoting your award win and target these to your ideal vendors or landlords. Enhance the response to your ads by offering a free gift with every appraisal to celebrate your award win.

Update branding

Little things that often get forgotten can go a long way. One of these things is updating your email signature in any marketing collateral. It’s amazing how effective your achievements will be in persuading your potential clients to work with you when it is included in your interactions regularly. While you are at it, make sure to blast out an email to your database. Give them a rundown of the current market, how your team is doing, and add the award to the footer of your email newsletter templates. Now, it will be included in all your monthly emails without having to actively promote. Were you lucky enough to earn a trophy for your efforts? Then make sure to display it in front of your office either in the reception or a high traffic area! If possible, add decals or signage to your window display.

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