Imagine that you have recently set up fresh social media accounts for your personal or business use, and you are looking to get some quality content rolling through the feeds of your followers. You’ve started researching the best accessories to invest in to create a stellar feed and you’ve come to realise that your bank account is going to take a heavy hit if you invest in all of these new and improved gadgets.

We are here to reassure you that social media doesn’t need to break the bank to be effective! We know, shocking. Ballin’ on a budget has never been easier, we are giving you our top 4 cost effective content creation tips that will elevate your social media platforms and give them that glow up you’ve been longing for.

1. Ring lights, ring lights, and more lights

One more time for the people up the back – ring lights! An inexpensive but highly effective tool used to take your photos and videos to the next level. Busting onto the fashion scene in the 1950s, ring lights have recently become non-negotiable among serious social media users.

Providing even tone and diffused lighting that reduces the appearance of harsh shadows, ring lights have truly become a must have for all content creators.

2. Put yourself in focus by creating a great backdrop

Not only does a great backdrop make your content look professional, but it can lend a helping hand in keeping your viewers focused on you and not on the distracting ‘life’ things happening in the background.

A simple, economical addition to your social media creation toolbox is a home-made photo or video wall. Pick-up some cute fabric*, or even a glitter curtain from your nearest arts and crafts supplier and rig this onto a blank wall in your creative space. This transformation will assist in creating that engagement factor for your viewers while making you look professional and keeping the focus on you.

*Pick your outfit prior to investing in your fabric backdrop. It is important that you look for complimentary colours and avoid similar tones to prevent your clothing blending in the frame.

3. Clip-on smartphone camera lenses – the real MVP

From fisheye lenses to macro views, the world of clip-on smartphone lenses has come leaps and bounds since the early 2000s. Making it easy for you to travel with a variety of different options literally in your pocket, these clip on lenses are the perfect way to shake up your shooting styles and make your content look professional.

4. VSCO is your best friend 

Getting comfortable with the editing app of your choice will dramatically change the way you create content for social media. Our recommendation is VSCO, a free app that is designed with your imagination at front of mind. If you want to take your editing game further, you can purchase in-app pre-made filters that will keep your content looking aesthetic and uniform.

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