With Instagram constantly shaking up their service, it’s no surprise that Instagram stories have completely transformed since their introduction. If you’re looking to make the most of the stickers, filters and animations now on offer, you aren’t alone. The best way to make eye-catching stories and engage your audience instantly is by using one of these amazing apps we’ve listed. Not only do they help push your stories out, they can take the tiring work out of the creative process. Be sure to check out the ins and outs of the feature too, in order to get the best results!


No doubt a front-runner on the Instagram story scene, Unfold has been featured heavily on some of the biggest profiles. You might have even stumbled upon it yourself without realising it. If you have ever admired a story with filmstrip, Polaroid or minimalist borders then you can be pretty certain they are a fan of Unfold too! Its catalogue of sophisticated, minimalist templates has quickly become crowd-pleasers. With the ability to preview your story in ‘story mode’, rest assured you’ll never have an accidental typo on your post again. This app is ideal for a cohesive, polished aesthetic.


Canva’s user-friendly mobile app is one of the best ways to create beautiful templates on your phone. Use one of their ready-made templates, or customise them to create your own branding style. Once you’ve settled on the template style, it’ll be easy to keep it consistent with this app. Experiment with over 130 different fonts and make sure to take full advantage of the fun graphics, and sticker options at your disposal.


Adding animations is a great way to stand out from the crowd but it isn’t always easy. Unless you have Mojo! Make the most of this budding trend by uploading stunning video stories. With hundreds of animated templates, there’s a style that suits every potential content need. The best part is you can trim, crop, add effects, titles, animation, change speeds, colours, and much more with complete ease!


Do you tend to have text-heavy story graphics? Whether it be for inspirational quotes or market tips, shake up your routine with Over. With the ability to overlay text and graphics onto your photos and videos this app is a must-have. Not to mention the endless options for photos, fonts, graphics, templates and tools to help you create high-quality, on-brand content.


PhotoGrid’s adaptability to a number of design purposes makes it great for a wide range of purposes. Use it to create custom GIFs, slideshows, and templates for your Instagram stories. Add interactive filters or engaging stickers. With over 300 templates for photo collages, 90 backgrounds and a scrapbook generator the number of story possibilities is truly endless!

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